Sunday , August 1 2021

Nate Robinson destroyed by Jake Paul in his first boxing match

Nate Robinson showed that he didn’t belong in the ring in his first boxing match.

In his first professional fight, former Knick is Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday night’s subcard. Before the match, the YouTube sensation was destroyed by Jake Paul. Tyson-Jones Jr. his fight was considered an unofficial draw.

The 36-year-old Robinson was completely knocked over with a right hand in less than two minutes to the second round in the eight-lap cruiser weight display challenge, but this was not the first time the three-time NBA dunk competition champion hit. mate in the short match. Robinson finally stood up.

Playing with the Knicks for four seasons, Robinson came running to Paul (2-0) in the first round and knocked him down, hitting him just above his ear. In the second round, Robinson rushed back to Paul only to get hit in the forehead and fall to the ground. Surprisingly, the former 10-year-old NBA player stood up again before Paul completely finished him.

According to ESPN, 23-year-old Paul knocked out three of his eight fists, but all of this caused the knockout.

One boxing legend analyzing the fight was unaffected by Robinson’s entry into a new sport.

“You are not playing boxing,” said analyst Sugar Ray Leonard.

After the fight, Paul says he’s concentrating on his music career for now, he still plans on boxing – he even called UFC star Conor McGregor.

“As one of the most hated people in the world, I have to overcome this,” Paul said after the fight. “It’s not easy. So for me, this is my perfect sport. I found my lane.”

After the match, he panicked most of the fights on Twitter:

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