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NASA Manager to play a major role in space exploration

Ann arbor – University of Michigan space researchers took a giant step with NASA Director Jim Bridenstine on Saturday as they discussed the future of space exploration and UM's role in navigating the galaxy.

Born in Ann Arbor, Bridenstine toured the university's moon / Mars living space on Saturday night before a football match against Notre Dame. In the half, UM celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and celebrated its leadership team.

Bridenstine and UM space research leaders discussed NASA's Artemis moon discovery program and how it will play a major role in the future of space exploration by universities such as Michigan. Artemis aims to return to the moon by 2024, to create a sustainable human presence there in 2028 and to move to Mars in the 2030s.

Bridenstine said the visit was remarkable and was a great opportunity to see how NASA is integrated into the university system in America. He said UM would "rotate" to bring the departments together under one roof. "

"These brilliant young minds gain new thinking and new technologies that bring them to the table early in their students' careers … and gain experiences that are ideal for many of NASA's tasks," Bridenstine said. Said.

Bridenstine, UM's unique one is that it is trying to advance the solar drive to obtain a gateway that is maneuverable to the moon.

Biri One of the things we really need to be good is the driving force of solar energy. Currently, there is a policy directive that the president will go to the moon in a sustainable way, and we don't want Apollo to end the way it ends. ” .

Için To achieve this, we will put around the month we call the Gateway. Think of it as a reusable command module, in orbit, around the moon for 15 years. From the Gateway, you will be able to go back and forth on the surface of the moon … and have an open architecture for other countries, private companies and universities that can create applications in the Gateway to work. "

Alec Gallimore, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said the university will develop ideas by bringing together students, faculties and alumni who are thinking of applying a new university at the University of Michigan.

“Space research and the research it supports have shaped the world and changed our lives, and it's important for us to announce the Space Institute. Space boundary, "he said." To realize this dream, we will take us on a journey of discovery. "

The Space Institute brings together collaborations of new ideas for aeronautical and aerospace engineering, climatic sciences, physical sciences, life sciences and nihayet ultimately, 2020 erken as it enters space research, and ultimately brings together researchers from the university. "Gallimore said.

Gallimore said the future of space exploration would demand that scientists and engineers collaborate outside their field. They will soon need to work with international law and policy experts to regulate how nations work on the moon and other planets. Humans and robots will continue to discover that they can collaborate to keep astronauts safe and develop more technology to take man to Mars and live on land.

"This university continues the history of space research dating back to the founding of NASA," he said. "We count 22 living and deceased astronauts among our faculty and alumni base. Researchers at UM built and flew more than 35 instruments on the NASA spacecraft. Our devices were found on every planet in the Solar System and beyond."

Student members of UM Bioastronautics and Life Support Systems organized tours to Bridenstine, which exhibited a prototype Moon / Mars habitat they developed, partly funded by NASA.

22 It's right to see what the manager has to offer, Am said Amit Kothekar, 22, a graduate student in space system engineering. Şaşırtıcı It's amazing that the person you're working with comes to inspire people, and it's really nice to see so much trust in us. ”

The University of Michigan has more than 250 students conducting space research, and graduate student Alexander Sena said the establishment of the Space Institute is important.

"In order for something to work and as space engineers, we often need to be organizers," said Sena, a space systems engineer graduate student. Said. “It shows that it is important at student level and is now important at university level.”

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They were joined by leaders including UM and NASA space research experts and co-director of the NASA Science Mission Thomas Zurbuchen; Tuija Pulkkinen, head of the UM Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering; Anthony Waas, President of UM Aerospace Engineering, and Ted Bergin, President of Astronomy.

Pulkkinen said the students would give credit for the progress work the university should demonstrate.

“The students do all this independently and they are incredibly active, which speaks of the quality of the university,” he said. Eller They make models, projections, weather forecasts, and do everything to be followed by other students. It's really inherited because you can't do something like that overnight. ”

Bridenstine said that the best career advice to students was “the key to growth is simple and never changed, sustainable, superior, performance”.

Bilin Know what your job is and do the best you can at your location and make sure that superior performance continues, ”he said. Var There are many ways to move forward, but the truth is the truth, and if you have maintained a superior performance, people will notice you and ask you to participate. ”


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