Thursday , March 4 2021

Mueller's team lied, saying Paul Manafort was guilty

In a three-page dossier signed by the defense agreement and the prosecutor's office, the prosecutor said the prosecutors were based on "various issues". Both sides want the judge to direct his case.

Manafort states that he does not agree with the prosecutor's statement as part of the filing.

"He believes that he has the right information and does not accept that he has violated the characterization or agreement of the government."

The private law firm says it will provide more details at a later date.

On Monday, filing was surprisingly surprising for the bare bones updates given by the private lawyer's office in other collaborative cases. The Court also considers not that Manafort spoke extensively for investigations with the prosecutors of the Ministry of Justice, but also that they could verify or disprove the information they had given them.

Manafort was convicted of conspiracy and sacrifice on September 14th.

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Although Manafort has not made public statements since then, he was considered a star co-operative in the private attorney's ongoing investigation into the Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016 and in the possible coordination of the Trump campaign. The former Trump campaign chairman met with prosecutors at least nine times, and the debate over what he knows was continued.

As part of the defense agreement, Manafort has adopted a series of money laundering and foreign lobbying and fraudulent acts and has given a lot of leverage to federal prosecutors.

Since June, he has been in prison at Virginia.

Most recently, one month before he was seen in a federal courtroom in Virginia, Manafort was in a wheelchair and suffered from a gout-like health problem. He was tried and tried and lost in court in Virginia in February.

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