Wednesday , March 3 2021

More adenovirus cases introduced by the University of Maryland after Newman's death

Three students at the University of Maryland were further downgraded by Adenovirus – less than a week after the school announced that a student was killed by the deadly virus.

David McBride, director of the university health center, said none of the new cases required hospital admissions, according to the Fox 45.

. Please note that the Adenoviruses are common causes of the common cold and are normally present in a significant number of people at this time of the year, "he said. "There are strains that can cause more serious disease, but not every individual with an Adenovirus infection can follow a complex course."


Olivia Paregol, an 18-year-old freshman at school, died on November 18th, suffering from the type 7 strain of adenovirus. Paregol from Howard County, Maryland, died less than three weeks after learning that the school was ill.

Since the school's health center announced its death last Tuesday, the authorities found that one of the specimens they caught in the disease was the 7th type of disease, and that after the approval of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, five of them were identified with the virus. .

Students in the school are increasingly concerned that mold problems in campus dormitories may be linked to the virus. Paregol's roommate, Jessica Thompson, told CBS News that she thought there were two molds on clothes and shoes from dormitories in August and the fungus made them sick.

. You can't sleep at night because the pillow is right next to the mold and you've been coughing all night,. Said Thompson. ”We have to go home on the weekends, and we'd be all right at home and go back, sniffing, coughing and headaches,“ he said.

After Thompson warned his college colleagues repeatedly of university officials, the couple – along with 500 other students – moved to temporary residences trying to clean their school dormitories, Thompson said.


The same strain of adenovirus was found at the center of a viral outbreak in a rehabilitation center in Wanaque, New Jersey, which killed 11 children.

Adenovirus, which has more than 50 strains, is a common virus that causes little risk for healthy people, but can cause different types of disease depending on the strain. It may cause mild cold or flu symptoms, and some strains can cause diarrhea and pink eye.

Type 7 is among the strongest types, with type 3 and 4 according to CDC. Sometimes it causes more severe respiratory diseases in patients with weak immune systems.

In the last decade, severe disease and death have been reported in the United States through type 7 adenovirus, according to the CDC, but how many are unclear.

Fox News' Liam Quinn contributed to this report.

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