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MLB rumors: Yankees, Jacoby Ellsbury, Greg Bird; Reds bought Jose De Leon from Rays.

We are moving towards the flesh of MLB offsea in 2019-20 season, which means that the actions have not yet taken place. However, there are rumors about free player and team matches and potential trading, and we're here to speed you up all the shots. In addition, we have a blessing on all the key dates in this year's season and the top 50 freelancers in the market, and here's an explanation of the "luxury tax" and its winter effects.

Here's the buzzing thing for Wednesday.

Yankees released Ellsbury, cut off Bird

The team released the Yankees Jacoby Ellsbury on Wednesday night before the Rule 5 Draft protection deadline and announced that he had appointed Greg Bird to appoint him. The movements cleared the squad areas of 40 people that would protect the Yanke from the Draft Rule 5. Ellsbury has not played since 2017 ALCS and owes $ 26 million in 2020Last year on a seven-year 153 million dollar contract. One of the biggest free agent busts in baseball history.

As for the offspring, the first few players have had difficulty staying healthy over the past few years, appearing in only 140 in 638 possible games since 2016. It reached .194 / .287 / .388 in 140 games. The Yankees now have seven days to trade, release or besiege by waiver for being appointed to be appointed. Given the history of the injury and a salary of $ 1.3 million in 2020, there is a good chance that it will shift to unsolicited waivers and remain a non-40-member squad in the organization.

Reds bought De Leon from Rays.

The Reds got Rays' discreet Jose De Leon in cash and a player to be named later. Tampa wanted to risk 40 staff points before Wednesday's deadline for Rule 5 Draft protection. De Leon came from Dodgers three years ago in the Logan Forsythe trade, but missed the last two years with Tommy Tommy surgery.

For the Reds, De Leon gives them a deep choice – they can be sent to Triple-A without having to waive next year – some in the opposite direction. Not so long ago, De Leon wasn't considered one of the top 100 customers in the game. The 27-year-old was able to regain his former self as he moved away from elbow reconstruction, and a small market team such as Cincinnati should always be willing to roll the dice into great old hopes when they are basically ready for free.

Wheeler market is warming

Outgoing Mets player Zack Wheeler will be 30 and will have a solid year in Queens. In a career-high 195 1/3 innings this season, Wheeler is a ERA + 102, K / BB ratio 3.90. He also boasted FIP 3:48. He has made 60 starts in the last two seasons and Wheeler is still doing excellent things. Therefore, this winter will have a healthy market.

Jon Morosi of the MLB Network has identified four leading competitors for Wheeler's services: Angels, White Sox, Padres and Twins. All of them pass the smell test. White Sox and Padres need help turning around if they're going to be a surprise rival in 2020, and Angels is determined to create a contested squad around Mike Trout. It starts with an advanced rotation. As for the twins, the reigning AL Central champions face significant rotation losses in the free agent. Wheeler is definitely not the same as other freelance agents Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, but it won't be that expensive.

Capturing catchers

The Mets already have an efficient buyer under the 2020 contract at Wilson Ramos. However, they may want to add additional depth in position. Ken Davidoff of The New York Post reported that he was interested in Robinson Chirinos, which Mets spent last season with AL champion Astros.

Chirinos, 35, has a 102-year-old OPS + and has hosted 52 games in 315 games in the last three seasons. In addition to having good pop by positional standards, Chirinos is also a talented trowel behind the plate. Given that Ramos' defense is not a strong point, Chirinos can do a good workload backup. Mets can still compete. Mark Feinsand reports Reds, Rangers and incumbent Astros are among the teams that can be designed in Chrinos.

Davidoff adds that veteran Drew Butera is on Mets' radar, but his inability to hit makes him a less inspiring option.

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