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MIT Researchers Taught Autonomous Cars to See Around Corners

Researchers at MIT are assisting autonomous cars see around corners pre-emptive

MIT researchers who have been able to see around corners, including other revealed into a room from outside, capture the light that’s bounced back, and then process the results to calculate a 3D model of objects inside that are otherwise hidden from human observers. It would require a special camera, however, including lasers and other hardware that would inevitably increase the cost of an autonomous vehicle, which would, in turn, hurt sales. You didn’t think all these carmakers are developing driverless cars for fun, did you?

The ShadowCam is a few years prior to the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in Macau, China, next week. Instead of using laser scanners or x-ray technology, the system uses video cameras that focus on a very specific area, which in this case is the ground where two perpendicular roads or paths meet.

According to MIT, the camera captures a series of video frames that, even when recorded, the vehicle is in motion, can be intelligently processed and analyzed. Use this information to predict the position and speed of an approaching object hidden around a corner. This gives the autonomous car a complete stop if needed. And during testing, the camera-based system was found to be more common than laser-based LiDAR hardware.

However, it’s not ready for the highways and byways of the country just yet. To date, the researchers have only tested it in parking garages with the vehicle’s headlights turned off to help. The system will need a lot of training before the day of driving. where they actually fall on the road's surface.

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