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Mike Vrabel and Titans beat Bill Belichick and Patriots thoroughly

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Mike Vrabel 1, Bill Belichick 0.

Tennessee Titans captured the six-game win in New England's defeat by defeating and defeating Patriots on Sunday at 34-10 in Nashville, and is the first coach of Vrabel, his first coach. Bill won Belichick at the beginning. – main matches.

It's been the first time since Titans defeated Patriots in 2002.

The Patriots are now 7-3 and the Titans are 5-4.

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Imiz The Titans have done a better job at every stage of the game, so it's not a good day for us, we have a lot to do here, “said Belichick. ”Obviously, we haven't done much today.“

Tom Brady and New England crime seemed unusual at every turn.

The Titans have never been there after Brady, and never allow them to relax and disrupt the timing. They've shot him six times, snatched three and overtaken four by taking the 51-bit percentage.

Brady seemed reluctant to target everyone, including James White (8 goals, 5 collar, 31 yards), Julian Edelman (81 to 12, 9) and Josh Gordon (a finger injury fight, 4 to 12, 81). Rob Gronkowski and right-hand guard Shaq Mason were the remaining factors involved with Trent Brown in and out of the game because of injuries to the game and back.

But New England had only 284 yards, 16 first downs, 15 in 3 thirds, and 40 meters on the ground.

But the crime of Marcus Mariota and Tennessee had a very good explosive and, at times, exploded as he seized an explosive Patriots defense. Corey Davis spikes on one of the two bladder bumpers Bumpy of the two bumps of one of two bumps of one of the bumps of the broom The thorn of the bumps of the bumps of a bumps of the new bumps The bumps of the bump of the two of the two The bones of the bumps of the bumps The old Patriot Dion Lewis finished with 22 touches for 68 meters, and Mariota, 228 meters and 24 passes for 24 touches 16 & # 39; completed.

Tennessee gathered 385 yards, the third had a total of 23 first downs in the 12th, and had a solid day running the ball, collected 150 points (4.2 per transport) and two points.

The following explains the updates and analysis of the game.

Fourth quarter

Titans 34, Patriots 10 (0:00): Cordarrelle Patterson won the first place in the Patriots final drive. New England fell to 7-3 in season.

Titans 34, Patriots 10 (2:30): Dion Lewis played Brian Kemp's three yards ahead of the ball after sending Patriots back to their 34-yard line three times.

Titans 34, Patriots 10 (4:51): Patriots' attack struggles continued. This time Brian Hoyer's back-up back-up was back in New Brieland in three short rushes and the third in a poorly completed three-out-out.

The Titans 34, Patriots 10 (7:14): The Titans have tried a number of tricks on their own. Darius Jennings, who used the same game in which Patriots played in the previous run, made a pass to Marcus Mariota, who ran down the side line to get a 21-yard win. After four games, Derrick Henry threw directly into the midfield with a touch of 10 yards and threw in a snap.

Titans 27, Patriots 10 (10:48): Different strategy, same result. In the third and seventh, the Patriots attempted a trick by changing the normal roles of Julian Edelman as Tom Brady passed the game. However, the quarterback was first stopped in a garden shortly down. Bill Belichick went fourth, but Brady's cake for Edelman was knocked out by Logan Ryan. The Titans took over their 42-yard line.

Titans 27, Patriots 10 (13:32): Stephon Gilmore sacked Marcus Mariota on the third and 2nd and forced the Titans. Tennessee took a first down with a Mariota-to-Corey Davis 8-yard link, but the Gilmore Titans went to the quarterback to send off the attack.

Third quarter

Titans 27, Patriots 10 (2:00): Number 5 for Ryan Allen The Patriots caught up with the first one, James White, until a Tom Brady deep ball designed for Josh Gordon was missing.

Titans 27, Patriots 10 (4:15): Ryan Succop launched the 31-yard field target to grab a 10-yard drive for Titans. Tennessee began deeply in their area, but a short time later, a large actor took Cameron Batson's capture of Devin McCourty and the 26-palm Marcus Mariota. Mariota finished Corey Davis in 27 yards and said the driver would stay 20 yards before completing the double.

Titans 24, Patriots 10 (9:18): Ryan Allen made the move for her fourth match in the afternoon. The Patriots started the driver brilliantly, Tom Brady gathered a first down before a collapse in his pocket and crossed into Josh Gordon in the middle for a 23-yard gain. However, the transition to Jacob Hollister for players 3 and 4 fell too low to stop the driver.

The Titans 24, Patriots 10 (11:49): Tennessee paired New England with three on its own. Marcus Lewis carried twice a total of 5 meters in the third quarter before throwing a missing pass to Tajae Sharpe. After a Brett Kern play, Patriots took over his 16-yard line.

The Titans 24, Patriots 10 (13:21): The Titans defense once again reached Tom Brady, and made the third half of the point guard to force the third in the opening driver of the second half. In the first game, Sony Michel took 1 yard and Brady scored the second one for Julian Edelman.

Second quarter

Titans 24, Patriots 10 (0:00): Former Patriot Logan Ryan hit Tom Brady on the last game of the first half. After deciding not to send Stephen Gostkowski to try out the New England, Tennessee 43-yard line, Brady retreated to attempt a Hail Mary.

Titans 24, Patriots 10 (1:09): Derrick Henry has finished eight game cars with a touch of 1 yard. The Titans were capitalized on the short field – they started the New England 37-yard line when they filled their first-half leaders.

After the Titans reached the red zone, Kyle Van Noy stopped the 6-foot-3-inch, 247-pound Henry at the 1-yard line. However, in the following game, Patriots could not keep him out of the last zone.

In the third part of the driver, a sub-edition, Marcus Mariota, went into his pocket and found Corey Davis on the left side line for 20 meters. Stephon Gilmore was in coverage.

In the driver's first game, Elandon Roberts sacked Mariota for losing 7 yards.

Titans 17, Patriots 10 (5:45): The Patriots starting from their 9th were three-and-gone. Tom Brady was 4 meters behind first before throwing Josh Gordon back to back.

The Titans 17, Patriots 10 (6:36): Punter Brett Kern tied the Patriots in a 10-yard line with a 36-yard punt. In the early hours of Tennessee, David Fluellen rushed back into the field with a leg injury. The Patriots defensive line tumbled Dion Lewis into a victory in the next game. J.C. Jackson did not wrap Darius Jennings in the third round to end the drive.

Titans 17, Patriots 10 (9:23): Stephen Gostkowski gets 52 Tom Brady earned a 30-yard win in the first competition with Julian Edelman, but he couldn't do the same with Josh Gordon and James White in back-to-back games to bring Gostkowski back.

The Titans took over their 35-yard line.

Titans 17, Patriots 10 (11:25): Dion went to Lewis, Tennessee three-and-out as a 5-yard rush and 3-yard reception around a Marcus Mariota finish. Julian Edelman later made a Titans match to the New England 30-yard line.

The Titans 17, Patriots 10 (12:29): In the first move of the season, the Patronots' fullback, James Develin, lowered the vulnerable front of the Tirans into a yard.

James White moved New England to the goal line and scored fourth on the 12-yard line and 11 on the 2nd goal.

Tom Brady tried to make the third one on his own, but the Titans had him short-cut. Bill Belichick went and was rewarded with two points after two matches.

In the driver's first game, Brady shot Julian Edelman for a 29-yard gain.

First quarter

Titans 17, Patriots 3 (1:25): Prior to the end of the quarter, Tom Brady took the Patriots offensive to the territory of Tennessee. They collected 58 yards in traffic in five games including winning 14 yards with a rifle from Gordon.

Titans 17, Patriots 3 (2:35): Ryan Succop has launched a 33-yard field shoot to extend Tennessee's leadership. Marcus Mariota evaluated the short field position and found Jonnu Smith to gain a 29-yard gain to set the score.

Titans 14, Patriots 3 (4:25): New England, after the third had to attack. After a brief downfall and a short gain from the second downstairs by Sony Michel, the Titans came to Tom Brady for a sack in the third and 8th defensive line. Sack led a 49-yard Josh Allen boat.

Titans 14, Patriots 3 (5:55): Corey Davis fought hard coverage to enter Marcus Mariota's 23-meter goal-scoring race. The score was captured by Tennessee, a driver of nine yards, 78 yards. In the second game of the driver, Duron Harmon seemed to have made a definite intervention in the transition to a Mariota in the middle, but a flag had already been thrown for the transition. Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry moved down to Tennessee before Davis' door.

Titans 7, Patriots 3 (9:19): Stephen Gostkowski started the 52-yard field goal with the props to put the Patriots on the board. Tom Brady and New England launched the drive on their 25-yard line to blame. In the third and 13th, Brady defeated Josh Gordon's top-ranked Titans to gain a 44-yard gain.

Brady called Gordon in the next three games, but he first dropped the first one, made no second-place wins and didn't play third to reveal the kick unit.

Titans 7, Patriots 0 (11:29): Jonnu Smith fled Patrick Chung, found a spot on the corner of the final zone and scored a 4-yard goal from Marcus Mariota in the first afternoon drive. After a 58-yard return from Darius Jennings in Tennessee, New England started off with a perfect field position with a 40-yard line. In the first game from Scrimmage, Mariota fired on Corey Davis in the middle of a 24-yard gain that placed the Titans in the red zone. Three games later, Davis had a chance to score a goal, but it was too high for Mariota to go behind the last zone. Smith finished the drive with seven points after two games.

Patriots 0, Titans 0 (14:49): Darius Jennings made a 58-yard return to the start-of-start, and had a large field to play Tennessee.

Heads or tails

Patriots called the heads and the heads of the coin came. It was postponed to the second half. The Titans will blame.

Pregame scenes and notes

Matthew J. Lee / Globe employees

Sony Michel is active after playing against Packers in last week's game.

Nashville TN 11/11/18 New England Patriots Chris Hogan (left) and Julian Edelman warmed up before playing Tennessee Titans on Nissan Field. (Photo by Matthew J. Lee / Globe staff) Subject: reporter:

Matthew J. Lee / Globe employees

Chris Hogan (left) and Julian Edelman warmed up before the game.


Rob Gronkowski went to Nashville with his tight break, but he's not active. She had been a restricted participant for the whole week and suffered injuries to her back and an ankle. On Friday, he said that this season was "harder" for him.

Kenjon Barner, Guard Mason Lieutenant, is also struggling with Derek Rivers, security Obi Melifonwu, corner of Keion Crossen and Matt Tobin at the end of the defense.

Sony Michel, linebacker Dont &a Hightower, Trent Brown's left arm and tight end Jacob Hollister are all active.

Ted Karras is likely to make Mason's start for the second straight week.

For the Titans, the defense pro Matt Dickerson, assault pro Jack Conklin, receiver Taywon Taylor, assault pro Aaron Stinnie, vice versa Jalston Fowler, security Dane Cruikshank and linebacker Derrick Morgan inactive.

Keys to victory


1. Corners Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler have a lot of experience with Tom Brady. Do you remember any subtle narrative that will help Brady's defense?

2. Defensive combat Jurrell Casey is an agitator and a shaker. It can move the blockers easily and shake the ball carriers to the core. It must be power.

3. Tandem in the back of Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry, has to throw him in high gear to speed up this game. Let Lewis shoot early and Henry crushes late gear.


1. The crossing was perfect against Aaron Rodgers. Marcus needs a recurring effort against Mariota. Keep him in, or it'il hurt.

2. Make sure the game is stolen, regardless of who is behind Mr. Smash Mouth himself, James Develin. Keep the attack in balance to keep the Titans in balance.

3. Tennessee's buyers hit. Physicalize them, slow them down and then multiply by an intersection or two. Patriots have a takeaway every season.

Jim McBride

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Brady vs Logan and Butler

Tom Brady expects a strong competition from behind a well-known corner. Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler, both of whom have pushed Patriots to join Titans at the free agency for the past two years.

G I really went for great contracts and am happy for them. They really deserved it. I think when you're a great player, you have the opportunity to do it. I know that Brady cannot keep everyone, but what they have accomplished and what they have accomplished.

Di They were very impressive in what they were trying to do in their roles. Logan was a great player, still – an incredible awareness and such a clever player. And Malcolm always liked to play against him, and was very competitive in practice. He's a very competitive person. He wants to try to win every game and I hope we can have a good plan against this whole defense. "

Brady acknowledged Butler and Ryan as members of the NFL's # 1 red zone defense and one of the top defense defenses in Foxborough this week, one of the most talked about points. While titans have allowed the least point and have the highest red zone defense, the context is necessary to let them know how successful they really are.

The Titans defense had to be on the pitch for 83 of this season. This is relatively low, which keeps the total scores low. For example, the Patriots saw 107 drivers defending.

Tennessee is still a disciplined and defensive success, but with a salt of its status.

Nora Princiotti

Owen Pence has contributed to this report.

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