Monday , October 25 2021

Microsoft gets the second rotation in Windows 10 1809, restarts the problematic upgrade


Microsoft has re-released the autumn operating system feature upgrade, which has an update for Windows 10 October 2018 after a 38-day delay.

Microsoft didn't set a precedent in Windows 10, with a month delay from something that Microsoft has agreed to. It took considerably longer than the previous versions of the samples, because most of the updates needed to take security fixes and then be released again.

"Based on telemetry data, today we're starting to re-publish the October Update by making it available through media and through advanced users who want to manually check for updates," John Cable, the Windows service program management director, and the delivery team wrote a post on a company blog.

Currently, Microsoft has not started upgrading to computers that have access to Windows Update, consumer, and small business update services. Commercial customers running Windows 10 Enterprise can use a series of enterprise tools, including WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), and Windows Update for Business (WUfB); they can dispense immediately. .

Microsoft also reset delivery date for Windows 10 1809 – Microsoft names, a yymm format to format – and support deadlines. In the exact source of Microsoft's support timelines, the original October 2 launch date was changed until November 13, the end of the support period at 2020 April and 2021, May 12, 2020 for the Windows 10 Home, Pro and Pro Workstation & He moved to # 39; and 11 May 2021 for Windows 10 Enterprise and Education.

Redmond, Wash didn't apologize for having to upgrade servers five and a half weeks ago – the first 1809, containing all of the files in a file, deleted a few errors, including one that deleted incorrect files. from user-specific folders – explain why the problem took so long, explain how the defect was done through the test, or explain that it missed the error when the testers reported it started months ago.

Microsoft has made a lot of effort to talk about the testing process and promised more transparency on how to approach Q & A and how to protect the quality of Windows.

"In the last three years, one of our key indicators of product quality – customer service call and chat volumes – has fallen as the number of machines running Windows 10 has dropped," says Michael Fortin, vice president of business for Windows. On November 13, we added other metrics, including a customer-based customer claiming that Windows's quality has improved and users have rated Windows 10 higher than any previous release.

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