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Michael Webb: Dramatic video shows rescue of 8-year-old kidnapping victim in Fort Worth hotel

Police released a dramatic video showing the rescue of an 8-year-old Fort Worth daughter who was stripped of her mother's arms and kidnapped in daylight. CBS DFW reported that the man who kidnapped Michael Webb was sentenced to life imprisonment in federal prison.

In a three-hour interview with the FBI, Webb confessed that he had been kidnapped, confessing that the church went to the parking lot after successfully fighting the child's mother. Later that evening, she admitted that she had taken the child to Forest Hill's WoodSpring Suites, where she had been taken to a room and held captive.

One tip was around midnight when Forest Hill took police officers to Webb's room. Shortly before Webb arrived, he confessed to threatening her and hiding her from law enforcement in a small laundry basket. Visually inspecting the room, the officers left before finding the child.

In the meantime, friends, volunteers and law enforcement officials visited the city of Fort Worth in search of the missing girl. Ultimately, it was the efforts of a family friend who saw Webb's Ford sedan and was looking for 911. Fort Worth Police Department confirmed and confirmed the presence of blood in the front passenger seat. The law enforcement officers then moved quickly to rescue the victim, who had been hidden in the laundry, and to enter the hotel room.

The video shows tense moments when heavily armed officers slam the door and end up naked.

Ik We got him, we got him! ”The officers explained their radios. "Probation; us. "

After a two-day hearing in September, a federal jury in Fort Worth negotiated for less than 10 minutes before convicting 51-year-old Webb of kidnapping her.

According to the evidence presented at the trial, Webb caught the little girl and her mother was walking on the 6th Street of Fort Worth at 6:38. The Neighborhood monitoring video on Saturday (May 18th) shows the victim's mother, Webb's car, crashed to the ground.

The victim's mother described her daughter as "brave, strong and wise" before explaining to her jury the terrible details of "physical warfare" for her daughter's life.

Uz We believe that justice has been fulfilled in this case. We are grateful and agree with the judge's decision to sentence him to life in prison. I hope you will find solace in knowing that this family and this community will never happen. US Attorney General Nealy Cox could hurt another little boy again.

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