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Mark Walton cut by the Dolphins; RB allegedly shot pregnant woman

DAVIE, Fla. – Miami Dolphins kidnapped Mark Walton back after being arrested Tuesday morning with a heavy battery of a pregnant woman.

According to a police document issued to ESPN, Walton is accused of pushing the woman to the wall and accusing her of punching her face and head several times. Walton is currently being held in Broward County Prison.

Officer called to the scene, the woman's left eye was observed swelling. She's five weeks pregnant and Walton is her father.

The alleged heavier battery took place after a debate in Davie, Florida at 4.15 on Tuesday.

A reply message to Walton's representative was not returned immediately.

Walton, 22, spent two games in a four-game league suspension for violating his NFL behavior and drug addiction policy for his three off-season arrests from January to March. Following these arrests, the Cincinnati Bengals were released and the Dolphins signed him in May.

The dolphins initially waited for Walton after dismissing him, but they released him immediately on Tuesday morning when they told him they were aware of a police issue with the player for the second year.

"We keep our players to a high standard and we take these issues very seriously. We will not comment any more now," said general manager Chris Grier. Said.

Mark Walton, who has 201 courtyards running Dolphins at an average speed of 3.8 meters per carriage, waived Dolphins on Tuesday after being accused of a pregnant woman's aggravated battery. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The dolphins are now likely to be on the market for a new lead starting in 2020. Kalen Ballage had assumed that his role in Walton's absence would not achieve only 1.9 square meters per success. Patrick Laird and Myles Gaskin won a limited number of rights behind Ballage. The trio, along with De & Lance Turner, will carry the load for the rest of the season.

Selected in the fourth round of the University of Miami, Walton, 2018, has a courtyard that runs at an average speed of 3.8 meters to the Dolphins. It also has 15 receptions at 89 yards. The league allowed Walton to be in the team facility and attend meetings without being suspended.

Walton received a six-month non-reporting trial as part of an August agreement to resolve three overseas court cases. Walton's inspection was evacuated after he met the court's requirements. Walton's lawyer, Michael Gottlieb, said that his client in August was the most important charge of carrying a secret weapon after his arrest in March, and dropped it to a second-degree misdemeanor charge after no competition. Walton was arrested after a car chase with the police. Under the deal, the maximum length of the prison sentence was reduced from five years to 60 days.

Walton also claimed he was guilty of arrest and careless driving, and filed a marijuana charge arrested this March's arrest. As part of the deal, Walton also received a drug load from a January arrest and refused a battery charge from a February arrest. Walton also had to go to driving school after a careless driving claim.

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