At the Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas, a supersonic jet near the US-Mexican border killed a pilot and hospitalized another.

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – A "supersonic jet" dropped shortly before 8 o'clock. Tuesday at a Texas military base near the US-Mexican border According to the authorities to kill a pilot and lie to someone else.

An Air Force T-38C hit the Talon jet clock at 7:40. La Antonio Air Force Base on Tuesday, 150 miles west of San Antonio. The situation of the surviving pilot was not immediately ensured, and the names were injured until the relatives were notified according to the bases' Facebook page.

Accident, Air Force Captain Paul J. "Stuck" came less than a year after Barbour was killed by a T-38C Talon's fall at 4 o'clock. January 20, 2017, near the Amistad Lake. The cause of the accident was listed as the total hydraulic error of the jet engine. 87. Captain Joshua Hammervold, a pilot pilot for the Flying Training Squadron, was safely evacuated and treated and released from the Val Verde Regional Medical Center.

Although the T-38 launch system moved Barbour from the plane, Barbour, a trainer pilot, could not help his arm during a preflight check and the jet was about 14 miles beyond Del Rio, Texas. he was trapped when he fell.

Laughlin, after collapsing for a week, suspended the flight to give the basic time of grief.

Sheppard AFB near Wichita Falls in September crashed a T-38 in AFB.

Both pilots in this accident – German air force pilot Maj. Christian C. Hartmann and US Air Force pilot 1. Lt. Charles T. Walet – thrown out of the plane. They both survived.

The accident also came only a few days after the dismissal of the top-level leadership on the Texas-Mexican border.

According to San Antonio Express-News, the three commanders at the pilot training base in South Texas were eliminated after some staff gave insecure or disrespectful feelings.

In February, the Air Force announced that it would make the T-38C Talon phased out and replace it with a T-X aircraft in 2022.

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