Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Lakers LeBron James was the first player in NBA history to triple double against each team.

LeBron James has repeatedly spent history throughout his incredible career, and Tuesday night added another item to his growing success list. In another star performance this season, Oklahoma City Thunder played 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists to direct the Los Angeles Lakers at 112-107.

In doing so, he has already recorded his fifth triple this season and became the first player in NBA history. Triple-double recording 30 against the franchise.

At the end of the fourth quarter, when the Lakers tried to keep a Thunder team not only going away, LeBron caught the ball with his wing and waited for Anthony Davis to reach the screen. When he started driving, both defenders followed him and Davis opened up to the floor. As he has done countless times in his career, LeBron made a smart transition and hit "The King" Davis, who dropped the jumper to make the 10th assist of the game.

This game itself was not that exciting, but there were many other games, as LeBron showed on another show. After playing only 55 games last season and losing their first play-offs in more than a decade, the extra leave period has started to rejuvenate.

In the grand scheme of LeBron's career, this triple-duo record won't be one of the first things people say; He just did too much on the highest level. Nevertheless, it is a remarkable achievement and a testament to its longevity, as well as its incredible abilities.

Also, Thunder's last team on the LeBron list matched the idea that Russell Westbrook should have completed this success because of his triple farm. But of course, Westbrook had only played in Thunder before this season, so there's no triple double against his old club.

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