Monday , September 26 2022

John Calipari says Kentucky is "Duke's come out of out."


INDIANAPOLIS – After No. 2, Kentucky lost to Duke 's 118-84 on Tuesday in the Champions' championship classification on Tuesday, the worst loss of any level of coaching career, John Calipari said, through the team itself. rival Mike Krzyzewski.

Calipari, "They were better than us." Said. "I told [my team]Outcoached, you've played too much. We're gonna watch the tape, and we'il keep going. "

Duke Freshmen Zion Williamson, Cam Reddish and RJ Barrett scored 83 points. First-class star protector The former Duke star Tyus Jones's brother, Tre Jones, finished with seven assists and zero turnovers. Blue Devils made 46.2 percent of 3-point attempts.

He previously suffered a 33-point loss to UMass in UMass and a 32-point loss over the course of his stay in the NBA. However, the loss of 34 points on Tuesday night was the worst of his coaching career.

Krzyzewski said he is satisfied with a collector of a group of three players with the potential to take the top three positions in the NBA draft next summer.

Duyuy I'm really proud of my men, “he said. "You start with four people, no matter how talented they are, in this environment they are an extraordinary team and you never know what to do against a great program. And they answered. They were great."

The Duke game opened early and the Kentucky coated crowd was silenced from the beginning of 34-13. Wild cats never got better.

The two programs, one and the last period, struggled for talent, Krzyzewski claimed the top class evaluated by ESPN in four of the last five seasons.

This year, the Duke team can be proven as the best of Krzyzewski.

"They're a very good team," Calipari said. "If they play like this, they won't lose much, if they do."

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