Sunday , August 1 2021

Jada Pinkett Smith: Blonde Hair Triggers Me In White Women & # 39;

Actor Jada Pinkett Smith said the racial distinction between color and white women's women would shrink because of their sex. But he sincerely declared his own prejudice.

Edi I have my own prejudices, especially with blond women, kadınlar he said in the new episode of Monday's Facebook interview ılar Red Table Talk “. D Blonde hair in white women triggered me and I had to catch myself. “

When her mother was asked whether Adrienne Banfield-Jones had been ill-treated by a blonde, Pinkett Smith recalled that she was ridiculed about her hair and was scorned by white women during her childhood.

Pinkett Smith, mother of two children married to actor Will Smith, recalled a professional example in which prejudices played a role. . I was going to interview this blonde woman and I thought twice about it, Pin said Pinkett Smith. Orum I thought, edi I don't know if I want to do this. Dü This is my first instinct for what it looks like! And I was like, Oh! This is no different. Iyor This does not give me the right to bring all the blonde women together.

“And look at me, I have blond hair!“

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