Saturday , November 28 2020

Is Ohio State ready for the revenge tour of the best Michigan team of 12 years? Doug Lesmerises

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Two years ago in Ohio Stadium, Michigan was a better team.

Wolverines, who had 11 players in the 2017 NFL Draft, including five defenders in the first three rounds, jumped early on Buckeyes, went 17-7 ahead in the middle of the third quarter and managed well in the fourth quarter.

But the state of Ohio won.

He was the youngest and most resilient Buckeyes of America Football, the youngest team in America that year, and the best secondary middle-class Playball you'll ever see in Columbus. J.T. Jim Harbaugh's criticism of the Barrett Spot game and Urban Meyer praised the competition, and Curtis Samuel was born in the wild when the Ohio State needed him the most.

Wolverines lost twice, 30-27. Last season 14-20 leading players lost 31-20.

Now, Michigan has better teams to enter the game. Two years ago, Wolverines was better on most of the Saturday. This year, all is better for making. And this is a new world for the state of Michigan and the state of Michigan.

Ohio State has won the 13th of the last 14's. Michigan, a 4-point favorite, must win it.

Meyer holds the best record in the history of competition in 6-0. If Harbaugh falls to 0-4, it connects for the worst.

Harbaugh told reporters at a press conference in Ann Arbor on Monday, "I am always looking at pressure as a life-giving energy," he said. “I was fired on this. I can't wait for our men to compete. "

Michigan competed under Harbaugh and previously under Brady Hoke. The problem for Wolverines is that they don't win.

But now, as the number 4 team in the nation, is expected. At 10 years of age, the state of Ohio and the one-and-a-half dominating force in this game has been seen as a team with 137-134 over the past weeks against Purdue against losing and playing against the last four weeks. Nebraska, Michigan State and Maryland were skeptical of the fourth quarter.

Or Seventh is ours, er said Meyer, considering the competition experience. Ilığı I never thought about it, I think, talent difference. It was always extremely close. "

For Ohio State, this is usually not a week to week. A severe edge of talent is a norm for Buckey's 90 percent of the time. This leads them to play in a certain way and the opponents play in another way. Buckeyes got caught up in special teams this year in Purdue and Maryland. In 2016, Buckeyes attempted a fake scene that failed in his territory.

Such thoughts should still be in place for Buckeyes on Saturday. Underdog thought.

Zorund To win the game, we have to do what we should do. And this is more risk, perhaps more, that includes more? . I think it is, Bence Meyer said. Daha You're probably a little more conservative when you're a better team. But we have things. How is it going during the game? "

Buckeyes should wait for it to be cramped. Wolverines should wait for them to get there.

The players of Michigan have created a Revenge Tour for this season, and so far, three of the teams that defeated Wolverines in the 2017 regular season, Penn State, Michigan State and Wisconsin. Only Ohio State.

Or Players are doing something to motivate themselves, Har said Harbaugh. ”Anger has been proven to be a strong motivator.“

Finding new ways to motivate his teams over the years, Meyer may try to catch anger at Buckeyes, who is weak in this game.

U That's not who he prefers and who he's not, ve said Meyer in this underdog status. "I did not know that. And I don't think our team really did it. If they are, they are looking at the wrong things. They must work on how to win an individual war against a good team. "

At this point you may not believe Meyer. Just do what you have to do to win this.

For Michigan, it contains not only revenge for last season, but for the last 14's reputation. For the state of Ohio, there are still doubts about what a 10-1 team is like in Michigan.

2016 Wolverines was particularly experienced and skilled in defense. But this Michigan team is a better talented builder in Shea Patterson, with an advanced line of attack and the nation's best defense, Wolverines is the best unit to face Buckey since No. 2 in game # 1. . 2006.

. I'm waiting for our team to be very motivated, Har Harbaugh said. "I know, I vote."

Michigan was previously motivated. It just didn't win.

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