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If the Republican Party can't solve what suburban voters want, it will be avocado toast!

Wearing a brown suit, Kennedy wears an American flag themed hat while talking to Trump fans in a field.

Senator John Kennedy, Bossier City, Louisiana, on November 14th.

Tom Brenner / Reuters

Last Thursday, Donald Trump held a rally in Louisiana to support Republican government candidate Eddie Rispone. At the rally, Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy argued that Trump and Rispone were with ordinary people who claimed the Democratic Party was "the elite of cosmopolitan, goat's milk-drinking, avocado-toasted elite."

Many Democratic eyes were taken in response; As the Washington Post explained, Kennedy was updating a Republican talk point that Dems exempted from long-standing references to food trends. (Although "goat's milk lattice" is not widely available, the Post said it was possible for the senator to confuse or misunderstand the growing presence. oat many coffee shops have milk.) Kennedy himself, Vanderbilt, the re-election campaign at the University of Virginia and Oxford, is a 1,13980 in George, a boutique hotel in Washington, DC. received dollar food and drink bill

To a large extent, Kennedy's testimony was as ridiculous as the previous iterations of the insult that alleged Democratic indicators were Volvos and arugula. Democratic policies are popular with millions of non-people who are not engaged in remarkably refined cultural consumption; At one point during the 2016 presidential policy, FiveThirtyEight found that those who voted for Trump had an average household income of $ 11,000. higher More than those who voted for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards in Louisiana Medicaid expansion.

In other words, Kennedy was right. Republicans do Alien many voters who eat avocado toast and drink latte. Kennedy's problem is that the stereotyped examples of what normal people eat instead of the “elite olm are outdated: brunch dishes using fresh coffee and fresh produce are not only on the Upper East Side and Harvard Square, but all traditionally many conservatives. throughout the country, including the suburban area. And Republicans do not have the right to write people who live in these areas, as it was clearly stated on Saturdays when Bel Edwards defeated Trump and Kennedy's friend Rispone.

As shown visually by a voting analyst and a graduate of Louisiana State University, Bel Edwards was particularly successful at Jefferson Parish in the west of New Orleans:

Bel Edwards won 60 percent of Jefferson Parish voters; As recently said, it was a Republican stronghold – Hillary Clinton found only 41 percent there. His strong show in the New Orleans suburbs was reminiscent of the Democratic Kentucky Government Andy Beshear's demonstration in the Louisville and Lexington suburbs earlier this month, resembling Democratic Congress Senator Doug Jones & # 39; in 2017 in the suburbs of Birmingham. In these regions, Dems has made significant gains by addressing women who are not particularly interested in immigration claims, particularly women concerned about health care coverage and armed violence. and personally shut down by Trump.

And as it is, you can buy avocado toast at Ruby Slipper Café and Perks Coffee and Café at Jefferson Parish; Outside the First Watch chain in Louisville; Big Bad Breakfast in Homewood, Alabama; and several facilities in Orange County, California. Brian Fallon as a democratic operative Consciously put in 2017The party's way of restoring political power has passed through the Pan Panera Bread of America ve, and there are a few products you can order at Panera. no Have a fucking avocado on it. Guess what, Kennedy? Normal people like good coffee and fake bourgeois food. You know when you leave George and go to Panera from time to time. You snob

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