Thursday , August 11 2022

IATSE: Studios Refuse to Do Necessary to Avoid Strike


An IATSE official told members on Tuesday that the studios are refusing to make the necessary concessions to avoid the strike, even though negotiations are ongoing.

Cathy Repola, national general manager of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, told members in an email Tuesday that the pace of conversations has increased and the timeline continues to be “days, not weeks.”

“After the overwhelming vote on strike authorization, employers are repeatedly refusing to do whatever it takes to get a fair deal,” Repola wrote. “They don’t realize or care about what’s changing in our industry and among our members. Or both.”

The International Alliance of Theater Stage Workers has threatened to strike if studios are unwilling to make significant improvements to a number of issues, including long hours and broadcast scraps. A strike would send 60,000 film and TV workers to picket and bring nearly all production across the country to a standstill.

The union has been negotiating with the Film and Television Producers Alliance for seven of the last eight days since nearly 99% of the union voted to support the strike mandate.

According to those familiar with the talks, AMPTP submitted a new proposal on October 5 and IATSE submitted its own counter-offer on Saturday. IATSE officials acknowledged that most members were disappointed with the prolonged negotiations.

“Despite all our efforts at the table, the pace of negotiations does not reflect the urgency of the situation,” Repola told members on Tuesday.

Repola also noted that IATSE is fighting for many of the issues facing other unions across the country: “decent wages, health and safety, and humane working conditions”.

“Workers’ dignity is at the heart of what we all fight for,” he wrote. “We said to you on Friday night, ‘Days are not weeks,’ and that’s still the case. At IASolidarity, staying connected and connected is more important than ever as the pace increases and we continue to move forward.”

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