Thursday , September 29 2022

How does Fallout 76 based on Beta Feedback change?


Fallout 76 has only one beta test, and Bethesda issued a statement on some of the corrections it planned based on feedback from the test. Some corrections are more technical in nature, while others address unwanted errors that could seriously damage the gaming experience. For other points, Bethesda explains why it doesn't intend to apply certain demands, at least not immediately.

From a technical point of view, the company plans to support ultra-wide 21: 9 screens after the launch. However, a field of view does not apply the slider, but it also hints at the concerns that cause the animation to blink. PC players are said to want a push-to-talk option for voice chat and the studio said it would look to add this feature. He also pledged that some common social menus and friend features were already addressed, and that he would correct several exploits with a future update.

For the game, Bethesda said he plans to increase the stash size. Uz While the Stash size of 400 weights is easier to deal with over time, we plan to increase it in the future, “he said. Some beta players reported that the hunger bar could never be filled, and Bethesda said it was fixed. Finally, random firearm noises or other loud noises near Appalachia will be handled shortly after they occur.

These were the most important issues Bethesda had chosen to focus on, but it was clear that the company saw Fallout 76 as an ongoing project. One open letter to fans just before the launch of the beta, it argued that this was just the beginning, and that everyone needed help to help build the game and find mistakes.

Fallout 76 is absolutely assertive as the first linked perspective of the franchise, but we have some concerns about the sense of emptiness it creates. A different picture may appear after the game has started. One factor that has already changed during the beta is the addition of an in-game store that has a full inventory but does not allow purchases yet.

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