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Google told us how to fix the worst thing about Androids and iPhone – BGR


Regardless of your commitment to Android or iPhone, you agree that the worst thing about Android phones and iPhone is battery life. Yes, most of the new phones will reach you throughout the day, and since some vendors have equipped their devices with large battery packs, the advantage is clear on Android. However, the battery life is not enough, especially when the battery is broken over time. Fortunately, Google announced how to improve battery life in certain Android apps and new iPhones, a mistake in the Android design.

This turns out to be an easy thing to do when it's dark. Smart phone enthusiast users have something they have long suspected, this dark mode will help maintain battery life. But there is a warning. The screen needs to be an OLED. But these days it's definitely not a problem, most of the flagship devices there are OLED screens, including premium iPhone X versions.

Image Source: Google SlashGear

Google shared data on energy consumption in phones this week at the Android Dev Summit. SlashGear reports.

The company examined the energy consumption on phones with white and dark themes and concluded that the dark mode in the OLED would always win at maximum brightness. On OLED displays, each pixel illuminates independently, so dark mode helps maintain battery life.

Image Source: Google SlashGear

Google also made a self-explanatory comparison between the original Pixel and iPhone 7 when you became aware of screen differences between the two devices. On the original Pixel, the OLED consumes less power in the dark mode than the iPhone 7 with an LCD.

Pixel 3 comes with OLED screens like Samsung's flagship devices such as Pixels 3, Galaxy S or Note, and Apple's iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. However, you won't really find real dark modes for any of them.

Image Source: Google SlashGear

Google has admitted that it is wrong to apply white as the dominant color for Material Design applications. Meanwhile, Apple's iPhone user interface is white and iPhone does not have a special dark mode. Interestingly, Apple has launched a dark mode for the Mac, but all Macs have LCD screens, which means they will not help the battery life. In the meantime, Samsung phones will get a dark mode with the Single User Interface update, but not all phones.

Image Source: Google SlashGear

Google doesn't mean that we've received dark modes shortly after Google or Apple because OLED explains how easy it is to improve battery life on smartphones. However, there may be standalone applications that can offer users dark modes.

Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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