After months of trials and weeks of testing, Google brings Auxiliary Duplex artificial intelligence guidance to users who officially book movie tickets online. Search Google on your Android phone to check when an assistant & # 39; s problems or movies are shown, and then ask Assistant & # 39; s to automate most of the booking process from the form filling fields to trembling payments.

Bidirectional online bookings, primarily described in I / O, are available on more than 70 theater and ticket agency websites with partners such as AMC, Fandango and MJR in the United States, and Odeon in the United Kingdom. it is available.

The service uses the data you've saved in Google Chrome to pre-populate personal information as needed, and analyzes screens to forward their own prompts that are easy to answer, or to let you interact with the website for a short time. You will then purchase your tickets with a card or other source of funding that you link to Google Pay.

We tested the booking process in late September and found some clues that link it to Duplex. Since then, we have received at least one more report that says they can live as early as July.

This feature is currently only available on Android phones via Assistant or Chrome. Google said it expects to distribute Duplex to book car rentals online in the near future.

The first duplex restaurant and other appointment reservations were deployed last year to automate by phone.

Save time to buy movie tickets with Google Now in Chrome

By Dan Ritter, Product Manager

You can already use Google Now to book restaurant restaurants by using a duplex, and now we're expanding this technology to make tasks online, such as buying movie tickets.

With Google Now, you can now use your Android phone to buy movie tickets on the Web quickly and easily, especially when you're thinking of fun activities for your family before your vacation. Ask the assistant something like: Google Hey Google, it's showtime: [movie] This weekend in Phoenix ”. Or you can search for movie times from the Google app on Android.

Once you've selected the theater and time that's best for you, you'll have the option to “buy tickets la with more than 70 cinema and ticketing services such as AMC, Fandango, MJR Theaters and Movietickets. .Com in the US or Odeon in the UK. From there, the Assistant opens in Chrome to help you buy your ticket. With Duplex in web technology, the Assistant will be able to navigate the site and enter your information, such as payment information saved in Chrome.

This is the first step in making it easier to do things with the Assistant on the Web. We will extend this feature to other complex tasks such as car rental reservations.