Saturday , March 28 2020
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Flooding storm is attacking Southwest before going east

Two to three inches of rainfall flood roads from San Diego County to Arizona, and even drown a few people in Southern California for shimmering flooding.

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From California to Wisconsin under eleven state floods, this storm slowly moves eastward under snow and wind warnings.

It's raining Wednesday morning in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Sudden flood warnings were even made in California and Arizona.

In high altitude snow falls on Wednesday morning from the Sierra Nevada mountains of California to Montana.

By Wednesday morning until Thursday morning the storm will reach the Great Lakes and the northern Plains, bringing heavy rain from Minneapolis to Chicago.

Southern plains from Oklahoma to Arkansas and Tennessee can be affected by heavy rain as the southern part of the storm continues east on Thursday. Some areas could see up to four inches.

Meanwhile, the north will see snow from Dakotas to northern Minnesota and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Northern Minnesota was warned of a winter storm that could snow nine inches. No large accumulation is expected for Twin Cities.

The most severe snowfall will be in the Rockies, with 2 feet possible in southwestern Colorado. In the mountains outside of Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Northern Nevada, there are also snows that some regions can see up to 16 inches.

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