Sunday , April 11 2021

FDA approved groundbreaking cancer drug

The FDA approved Vitrakvi for adult and pediatric patients with specific biomarkers of their cancer. (Photo: Bayer)

(CNN) – The FDA has approved what a breakthrough drug can be for the treatment of certain cancers.

It's called vitrakvi.

The drug is designed to fight a specific genetic mutation in some types of cancer.

And it comes in an easily available capsule or liquid form.

Doctors say that some patients, including children, have seen remarkable returns.

However, they warn that all cancers do not work and are expensive!

Iz We now have the ability to ensure that the right patients are getting the right treatment at the right time. The FDA Commissioner. Scott Gottlieb said that it was not possible to develop such a drug development program that collected patients with different tumors, but because a common gene mutation could not be possible ten years ago. .

The wholesale cost of children's syrup is $ 11,000 per month for supply.

And oral capsules for adults, $ 32,000 a month.

But with insurance, most patients would pay $ 20.00 or less for a 30-day drug supply.

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