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Fallout 76 reviews: Almost Hell, West Virginia

Here at PCWorld I try to stay connected to a simple standard while reviewing games. I finish the game or the game ends me – a.k.a. I was disappointed after long hours passed. Fallout 76 not exactly I can't play it, but I'm looking for her in an hour and 30 hours on this empty land in West Virginia. I've mysteriously deleted half the time of my search for death at 2 am on November 19th, like I've never started a half-dozen different jobs.

For a long time, the latest motivation was the sapping error. long Cavalry, and I'm going out. Fallout 76 it wouldn't be a great game even if it worked properly. And in case of release? It's worse.

I want to set this world on fire

Shall we say the beetles again? It started with the Bureau of Tourism, you set a few hours in a game – and if you were one of the unlucky players, you could never finish it. An element that you need to interact with does not allow interaction and does not cause a complete separation of the research. Bethesda corrected this mission with the patch of this week, so she feels unfair to work hard on. On the other hand, there was a quest for people to notice in beta versionbecause, as I said, it can stay for four or five hours. When I finally met, there were many Reddit threads that discussed the problem. It took Bethesda about a month to fix it.

And it's not just a single quest! Another early, man Personal Issues zor results in you having to kill a certain enemy in a particular basement. I went into the basement and the enemy was already dead. Yeah, we're back You can report and early World of Warcraftqueue to complete the task steps.

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

I checked out and then logged in to a new server. Dead. I came back the next day. Dead. I came back the next day. Dead. In the end, after I went out to have dinner and came back, I was lucky to find a server where this goddess was alive, starting from a window and throwing a .308 pop around and finished the mission. It took three real world days to finish a mission that would take three minutes.

When I played Beta a few weeks ago, I complained about Bethesda's dedication to the logic of the real world through video game logic. If someone uses a drawing station, you can't use it until it's finished. Why? I think you have to watch your character and mix a pot or put a hammer on a bench while you're looking at the menus. The same goes for traders. Does someone trade with the only robot dealer in town? I hope they don't last very long because you'll have to wait in line.

Lack of instancing in tasks is beyond the pale. Hell, even Chamber-A game launched in a situation where players could stand between doors and prevent others from going out, realized that the campaign should not be influenced by other people's cunning. You can join the story in a safe way (or a story) for your own unique example Chamber) In peace. Not here!

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

Since it doesn't have a little understanding, Bethesda also always treats every environment as a living fire range. What if another player enters the building? There must be enemies to fight them, right? And what happens is, a desolate ruin of 20 or 30 enemies suddenly fell, meticulously Killing is only reborn and begins to attack you again. Five minutes after I stopped fighting, I dug up a desk drawer and drove into a long war all my life.

Still, there are not many reasons to explore. Tasks? Almost all boring. No human NPCs in it Fallout 76. Bethesda repeatedly explained it before releasing it. I thought I left the door open for ghoul NPCs, but no! Not what I saw. Even robots are not even real NPC as call dispensers. they talk with you speak most you. There is no dialogue system in the game and therefore there is no real opportunity to play the role. Either you finish a mission or you don't.

Moreover Old Scrolls Online, a version of a stripped bone Old Scrolls The game presents itself as an RPG with at least basic dialogue trees and other traps in the series. Fallout 76 It is dealing with any claim.

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

And this excuse, most of it Fallout 76Duties fall straight. “Find this Article“ or v Kill This Enemy ”rather than motivation from a very well written adventure. You're not trying to save Nick Valentine to spearhead your son, or accelerate the growth of a tree man to revive Capitol Wasteland. In Fallout 76 You're just chasing ghosts, and finding them only results in more ghosts.

Nuclear West Virginia is full of terminals for reading and collecting holotapes, but none feels important or particularly interesting. They are well written and the holotapes are well behaved, but they cannot replace a real conversation.

Saving grace Fall outIt's a joke for environmental storytelling, but even here the game is falling. A few location is the top level Fall outincluding an abandoned water park, a state council for Christmas, a recreation of the Mothman Museum and the Green Bank Telescope. However, Nuka Cola factories or Mama Dolce or whatever.

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

Previous Fall outThere were also such areas, but they provided a counter to our day. You were looking back to help build a better future. Fallout 76 all passed. There is nothing to work out of the future and work out of your own survival.

For this purpose, Fallout 76 garbage collection is spent. A similar base in sight Fallout 4Settlements. This time anywhere, C.A.M.P. or Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. Especially if you have a scenic view, you can move your base to a new area.

But why? Those were Fallout 4Building this base can be fired. I find it extremely boring, especially the interface is as clumsy as the PC. To change WASD, Z and X categories to move arrow keys Use mouse to change items and then rotate and place an item? Yeah, very intuitive.

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

Opening items to be built is also very slow. After 30 hours, I unlocked one-fifth of the possible items, none of which was very fun or interesting. And none have a functional purpose beyond the storage of various production benches and players. For a long time, I moved the base in 10 or 15 minutes, emptied my accumulated garbage after placing a craft table and floor. This is another frustrating aspect: if you move your base, you need to rebuild it. Bethesda allows you to design your Blueprint and place it in a large piece, but I had times when the plan could not be designed in the selected area, so none of the workers' tables were accessible. In the end, I've created new tables to work around.

At this point, I'm mostly doing something to clean up my room. The limit in stash is as low as £ 400 in the game. Those who play any of Bethesda Fall out games know you can fill it in about an hour and it doesn't go very far. At this point I have a power armor, two guns, a handful of strikes, some bobbleheads and a lot of workmanship. This much. I've done my best to launch Fusion Cores and Missiles and other valuable but heavy things to make more room, and I think I'm spending a quarter of my time at this point. Fallout 76 in menus, trying to lose weight.

But if the plundering is bad, the deficiency is even worse. For the first half of the game I was desperate to collect scrap, Abrexo Cleaner and Lead Pipes and Alarm Clocks, and to vacuum up other miscellaneous items. And then I kept me hidden, and I realized that there wasn't much to do in this world … except collecting the unnecessary things. They are just missions and they are not very attractive. Without a feature to discover, there are fewer reasons for entering a variety of generic buildings that decorate the landscape to find a particularly unique or important product. Go directly to the mission goal, the holotape al I take it or go to the terminal, then go – again and again.

And, of course, we hope that someone else has not already broken its mission in the process.

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

Mistakes. Let's go back to talking about mistakes. At least four or five server connections were disconnected, each time I logged in, I lost a bunch of progress and found myself half a mile away from where I left off. When I closed the session, when I lost a half-hour study, I had a task to reset itself to an earlier stage. I never went back to finish. Once I was logged in to see that I was trapped in someone else's base, all the outlets needed a higher picklock than mine – that is, until I was trapped forever or connected to another server and connected. Another time, a wolf appeared underground. He could have attacked me, but I couldn't attack him, so I died. I once bought a comic and the texture file was apparently missing.

Performance is not normal, but inconsistent. Sometimes you'll be smooth at 60 frames per second, and then, with no warning that you'll be fighting the alt-30 frame rate, your weapons swinging wildly as you try to draw a bead to rape the ghouls. I haven't been this much kadar I swear I shot you! . In more than a decade, I have to take on the magic of bad net code when passing enemies with some bullets. A thick Vaseline-like spread blurs everything away from 100 meters, but object entry is still common. And my personal favorite foe The pop-in seems deserted until a corridor suddenly drops into three bad weather.

These encounters are particularly frustrating because Fallout 76It's terrible to fight. I mean, all modern Fall outthey played a game of mosquito weapons, but in the past, it was the V.A.T.S. Fallout 76Being an online game cannot be paused or decelerated, instead V.A.T.S. It is an automatic target with a percent-kicker modifier that is wild and fluctuating. It's much easier to take a shotgun on the PC and blow it all out.

Fallout 76 IDG / Hayden Dingman

Pause also means that all menu navigation is performed live; this becomes more frustrating. Have fun trying to wear grenades while being shot simultaneously.

And then there's the leveling system. Fallout 76 Opens the traditional point allocation system for a type card-based perk layout. More than 30 hours, I still don't understand how it works and no one I've spoken to. I think every card you buy provides you with an appropriate skill score, sometimes it's not right? Or at least sometimes I bought a card and then found out that I couldn't use it. So yes, add iye Continuous Leveling System ley to the list of complaints.


Even though there's so much more I can talk about, I need to fix it. Some of them are always open and automatically activated in beta, such as voice chat talk, holotapes and other important story strokes at the top of "my controller batteries died!" You're stuck on people. Other sections are annoying quality of life issues such as the lack of friendship requests and friendships – you must add each other individually, or every ler friendship, is one-sided.

I can talk about why the lack of player interaction. Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game to begin with.

But let's cut him from here and close this section. I'm done Fallout 76. Maybe like Old Scrolls OnlineBethesda throws a good game from this foundation in a year or two. Doing this requires hard discussions about what to do Fallout 76 either be and what players want to be multiplayer Fall out play, because I don't think it is. We'll see if Bethesda can pivot.

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