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Fallen Order Errors Forcing Players to Start the Game

Players compressing new players Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order He must print carefully and find a way to support his savings, if possible. We are now aware of two points where traps begin where players in the game trap players who have no way to progress and who have no chance.

The first point is that in Dathomir, a planet player can go to the game in a few hours, even if they are usually strong enough to access the game in a few hours. Planetary levels Fallen Order They are nonlinear areas filled with hidden passages, and Dathomir is often constrained until you gain some later forces that allow you to jump them. Players who aren't too deep in Dathomir will find a chasm that they shouldn't cross before they gain some important skills. The problem is that some players involved Kotaku podcaster Kirk Hamilton accidentally managed to jump into this void with a single jump, but they were stuck later. After making this jump, the path behind the player closes and the path ahead leads to areas that require power that the player does not have.

Kirk has 10 hours left to play; Fallen Order He realized that he had sank into the famous swamp without Yoda to drive him away.

Warning (and a marauder, perhaps): DO NOT attempt to make this jump in Dathomir unless you make a double jump and Force move. If you succeed without accidentally having these powers, you'll probably get stuck and you'll have to restart the game.

He couldn't make a leap from him and couldn't go back. It was playing on the PC, where there was no useful back-up to back up.

EA's help forums six page reviews Many of the people stuck in Dathomir accidentally hit the same jump before they had the necessary powers to advance. Reports are from PC, PS4 and Xbox One players.

“Yes, thank you for pointing this out, Bir an EA representative said. Kotaku“We are aware of this problem and are working on a fix. We will continue to work on the performance of the game and release the patches as needed to allow players to enjoy their time with the game. "

For now, players should avoid Dathomir's jumps until they get the force push and double jump moves of the game.

Unfortunately, it's not just an inevitable leap in Dathomir. Late last week, when a player named Keith Mitchell came in line on the planet Kashyyyk, he was going through a PC copy of the game. In the script, your character's droid friend had to attack two enemies at the push of a button. It didn't work and it got stuck, didn't make it to the next level. Restarting the game didn't help and the log file didn't take him back enough to let him go somewhere else. EA and Respawn also failed to attract attention. There A topic in EA's forums people are stuck at this point, but they don't know anything about a workaround.

Mitchell's pissed. Orum I live for such games, ”he said. Kotaku. He said he had a great time with the blast. Fallen Order to reach this point. Eventually, he decided to start over and in the second game, that part went smoothly. Im I mean when Respawn doesn't respond and you really want to play, ”he said, yok there's not much you can do.”

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