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Ezra Miller, Hedwig & # 39; s Fantastic Beasts & # 39; Premiere & Killed For Killed In A Kind


Ezra Miller has to be in every film from IMO right now, so I can see what she wears at every premiere and press conference. After looking at the Comic Con in the Toadette and then a couture at Moncler Fantastic Monsters The premiere, the latest outfits made me very good and really rattled. London Fantastic Beasts: Crimes in GrindelwaldEzra Miller, in the eyes of death, was dressed like Hedwig (the snowy owl of Harry). First of all, RUDE. And second, I agree with that.

Miller in some way given the Givenchy – a.k.a. He managed to create the ultimate cosplay outfit with Meghan Markle's wedding designer – Hedwig's comfortable feathered jacket. Under it, he wore a white suit and finished the appearance with iced hair ends, a silvery makeup and an unusual owl ring at the end of his fourth finger. You know, you don't understand.

However, they were the hand that immediately attracted everyone's attention because one of them was painted with repetitive twin text triangles. Harry PotterThe unforgivable Curses again and again. If you look closely, you can understand that Miller is only one long sequence of the murder curse "Avada Kadavra" until he was out of space.

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If you're a Potterhead, I'm sure you're talking loud as you do. arrogance. If you can send your idea back to the fate of the greatest gal Hedwig, you will remember that he finally came across unfortunately at the end. HP book; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As Harry left to distract the Death Eaters after Harry had to flee Little Whinging, some people were being sent off, while the real Harry flew with Hedwig and Hagrid on Sirius' motorcycle.

Nevertheless, destructively, Hedwig was shot and killed by Ezra Miller, who had crushed all his curse. So the guy really He was dressed as a spank by the killing curse of Hedwig. Aesthetic: literary childhood trauma, but makes it elegant.

Aside from the magical deaths of the owl, it seemed to go unnoticed for Ezra Miller's outfit. If you zoom in on the white boots, you will be able to select some handwritten scripts on your toes.

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Like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Dumbledore's commitment to his army stood on one foot, while the other reads led still hiring Harry.

I wasn't the only one with a memory on Ezra Miller's outfit. His associate stars, Eddie Redmayne and Dan Fogler, ambushed him to do the thing that I was dying to do as he put this great coat in my eyes – they worshiped him – and at the same time, they shook his fingers into his fingers.

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To be honest, look at that Redmayne and tell me you're not the face of a man who's afraid of his own joy.

Although I have a new installment Fantastic Monsters I underline that the end of the press tour is also a low-key devastation. All my fingers and toes prequellerden the brave of his character Harry Potter In the series, bless us with more Potter-related outfits. I'd like to see Miller take over Whomping Willow next time.

Star as Ezra Miller Credence Barebone Fantastic Beasts: Crimes in Grindelwald, November 16 will be published in theaters of England.

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