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Does Georgia football need to reach Alabama in 2018?

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Is it successful even with a loss this season?

After Georgia beat Georgia Tech on Saturday, DawgNation Daily asked Brandon Adams, the host, a question.

”Would you call for the 2018 season of Georgia to succeed?“

Bulldozers beat every team they had to do in 2018. You would have liked a better performance against LSU, but Death Valley hired many good teams over the years. In all of Georgia's winnings, the Bulldogs won at least 14 points. It took a while, but Jake Fromm and DndAndre Swift, both of the quarterback were better players than a season ahead.

Make sure that the defense is not as good as it was in 2017, but Roquan Smith could never easily change the location of Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy. But Georgia and Kirby Smart saw a series of young defenders like Adam Anderson, Channing Tindall and Jordan Davis during the season.

For Bulldogs, a lot has gone so far this season. Unlike some of Mark Richt's years, Georgia didn't lose the games it wouldn't lose. Even though some people don't want to admit it, Alabama looks like an outstanding team so far this season. They have a good reason to be a favorite with almost two clicks. A loss to this Alabama team would not be the end of the world or a sign that Georgia should change. Sometimes you're just beaten.

However, Georgian players think they have already succeeded this season. In order to ask senior defense officer Jonathan Ledbetter to hear that, Georgia is expected to defeat Alabama on Saturday, as the Bulldogs are expected to win every point in this game.

"I did not come here this year," Ledbetter said on Monday. “This was expected from me. I worked for that. I think everyone in the team worked for it. I think of everyone who doesn't go back and doesn't need to go to the next level. [go on to the next level] This is really expected to be another season. We have unfinished business, and we're thinking about going ahead and getting this done. "

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Ultimately, Georgia will have to defeat Alabama to achieve its potential. You will have to win a national championship at some point to verify everything Smart does. But it may not come this season, and that's good. Georgia did not have enough success to look for the 11-1 season, which is thought to be the worst 10th summit ever.

Georgia cannot have another season such as 2017, which exceeds all expectations. This bar is very clear right now. However, it should be a success for 2018, with the opportunity to come to this point, win another SEC championship and return to the College Football Playoff.

Enter the Road to Atlanta on Tuesday!

While attending this year's SEC Championship game, DawgNation spends more content to consume before the match between Bulldogs and Crimson Tide.

Every day at 5 o'clock in the morning. This week, with the exception of the Thursday when the broadcast starts at 7 am, DawgNation offers the Road to Atlanta, and we'll look at news and reviews from Alabama and Georgia until the big game every day. DawgNation Daily host Brandon Adams and former Alabama attacker Mike Johnson discuss the ways in which both sides are prepared for the game, while DawgNation posts on Facebook and Youtube.

Every day at 5 o'clock in the morning. This week (except Thursday, when the broadcast starts at 7am), DawgNation presents the Road to Atlanta, where we will look deeply at the hot topics surrounding the SEC Championship game. DawgNation Daily host Brandon Adams and former Alabama attacker Mike Johnson discuss the ways in which both sides are prepared for the game, while DawgNation posts on Facebook and Youtube.

On Monday, the two leaders commented on Ledbetter's comments on Georgia's unfinished business this season. Johnson had a unique perspective on the subject, as Alabama had lost to Florida in the SEC Championship game, but only Crimson Tide came and tried to defeat Florida next season. This 2009 Crimson Tide team went to the national championship in the third season of Nick Saban, and Kirby Smart wants to do something this season.

The Best Dawg in the NFL

Another Georgia hosted the Top Dawg award this week, and Nick Chubb won the honor of the former Bulldog, who had the best week in the NFL. But before Chubb's big day, let's have a look at how some of Georgia's stands were this weekend:

Chicago Bears' Roquan Smith had a great day at Thanksgiving. The Bears finished a sack with 11 games where the game was the best and Bears' filling the Detroit Lions 23-16. Matthew Stafford, former Georgia, completed 28 of his 36 transition attempts, but intervened until 2 untouched.

The New York Giants linebacker Alec Ogletree, who hosted the Top Dawg award last week, finished with 4 sets and a sack. But it was not enough because of Giants' 25-22 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Chubb ats former teammate, Sony Michel, had a career day on Saturday, and he ran 133 yards and scored a goal. For the third time this season, Michel reached the 100-yard mark. Thanks to the powerful game of Michel, the Patriots won the New York Jets after victories to Tennessee, leaving 27-13 victories.

Chubb’s day was a little better. He finished his day with only 84 raced, but found the endone twice. If one of them caught a capture that would touch an incredible 14 yard, it should definitely be quite a concern about the ability as a toggle catcher from the backyard of Chubb.

The Browns are now winning games in succession, and Chubb was a big reason why. Chubb, starting 7 weeks after starting the race for 490 yards and 4 touchdown ran. With another remarkable performance, Chubb is our Top Dawg.

Top Dawg winners:

Week 1: ReShad Jones DB, Miami Dolphins
Week 2: Shawn Williams DB, Cincinnati Bengals
Week 3: Matthew Stafford QB, Detroit Lions
Week 4: A.J. Green WR, Cincinnati Bengals
5. Week: Todd Gurley RB, Los Angeles Rams
Week 6: Todd Gurley RB, Los Angeles Rams
7. Week: Todd Gurley RB, Los Angeles Rams
8. Week: Todd Gurley RB, Los Angeles Rams
Week 9: Benjamin Watson TE, New Orleans Saints
10. Week: Nick Chubb RB, Cleveland Browns
Week 11: Alec Ogletree LB, New York Giants

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