Monday , January 25 2021

CNN White House Barring Jim Acosta for Trump Management Sues

CNN sued the Trump administration Tuesday to re-launch White House reporter Jim Acosta's press releases and raised a dispute that underlined the growing tension between President Trump and the news media.

In the case brought before the Federal District Court, the network claimed that the abolition of Mr Acosta's White House press release violated the first Amendment rights to report freely in the government. CNN also claimed that it violated Mr. Acosta's rights by canceling his identity documents without receiving notice from the contracting authority.

Mr Acosta, who clashed with Mr Trump several times, angered the president at an official press conference last week with questions about immigration and a private lawyer's investigation. The CNN reporter would not leave the microphone after Mr. Trump attempted to go over another reporter.

Hours later, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the administration had removed credentials that allowed Mr Acosta to access the White House estate. The administration claimed that Mr Acosta seized the White House intern who was trying to pull the microphone during the news conference.

Başına Although the suit is CNN and Acosta, it could happen to anyone, CN CNN said in a statement. Herhangi If left unchallenged, the actions of the White House will create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist, including elected officials. “

Ms. Sanders responded shortly after the case was opened.

"This is a much bigger experience than CNN, and we will be against this case," the press secretary said, pointing out that other CNN journalists have protected dozens of White House identities.

In his statement, Mrs Sanders did not say that Mr Acosta's original claim was that Mr Acosta had reacted improperly to the intern. Instead, he wrote, redd he physically refused to surrender a White House microphone to an intern, so other reporters can ask their questions. "

Ers The White House cannot conduct a regular and fair press conference if a rapporteur behaves in this way, neither appropriate nor professional, Saray says Sanders.

Mr. Acosta, who is a show figure among some members of the press, is not the first White House reporter to question the public aggressively. ABC correspondent Sam Donaldson stated that CNN, as one of its predecessors, did not object to the identity document of a journalist and knew that son such an action would never be possible ABC.

On the way back to the courts, CNN had perhaps the most aggressive action by a news organization against a president who systematically accused journalists and media outlets since he launched his campaign in 2015. By criticizing the yolu American people grup – and ında fake news “- it has revived press freedom groups around the world as a way of closing critical areas of coverage.

However, Mr. Trump's supporters are seen as evidence of the claim that news organizations, especially CNN, claim to be prejudiced against him. Tır The CNN sucks! En is a frequent accent in Mr. Trump's rallies.

In an interview Tuesday, First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams said that the legal action of the network was necessary, even though it accepted the potential political fallout.

V I can understand the reluctance at a time ı when CNN was hostile to me “for an explanation, CNN v. Donald Trump. ”This said that sometimes a strong response is necessary, both for the organization itself and for a broader reason for which it speaks effectively.“

Mrs Sanders is called as a defendant in a suit with Mr. Trump; John Kelly, chief of staff; Bill Shine, head of the White House communication strategy; and Secret Service.

The White House Correspondents' Association issued a statement Tuesday to support CNN and Mr Acosta.

"Canceling access to the White House complex reacted disproportionately to last Wednesday's events," group head Olivier Knox said. ”The President of the United States should not be the work of random selection of men and women who protect him.“

Law office Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher represents CNN. His team includes Theodore B. Olson, former chairman of former President George W. Bush. Mr. Trump has previously tried to successfully recruit Mr. Olson for his own legal team.

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