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Central Park Missed Mandarin Duck. I tried to find him.


Photo of Gus Keri; Animation by Dan McQuade

NEW YORK – I can't even get my binoculars to work.

I'm trying to look at the barred owl. These are not uncommon, but it is unusual for Central Park to be seen. Earlier this month, several disabled owls appeared, and although the New York City Marathon crossed on Sunday, at least one remained in the park.

Apparently, I have one standing high on a branch. And I can't see it. I can focus my left eye on binoculars, but the right lens refuses to work with my eyesight. I don't even know how to use them in the first place; I'm trying to keep them close to my face, and I see half the binoculars.

I'm trying to focus again. But even though the binoculars seem to work, at least in my left eye, I can't see the owl. Leaves fell. There are a whole group of crew members for the owl and everyone can see it except me. Finally, I use the camera viewfinder of Bruce Yolton, who posted a blog about the hawks and other rappers in Central Park, where the owl is located.

Apparently I can see with my naked eyes. Clean! This is beautiful! I'm using the binoculars for a few minutes to look at the look of the sleep belt. He doesn't even know we saw him here. Is it rough to look at a sleeping bird? Maybe it's best not to think about these things.

Of course, the real reason I'm in Central Park is to see Cool Duck. This is the Mandarin duck, a bird from East Asia, which emerged last month in Central Park. Brightly colored and beautiful. I like ducks. I wanted to see him.

The duck was first identified by photographer Gus Keri on October 11th. The news has been popularized by a publication in Gothamist and Twitter account. Manhattan Bird Alert (@BirdCentralPark). When something has reached the head New York Times wrote about last week. turned Thing Do it in Manhattan.

I thought the duck was the best with a professional to see the duck and I found one. David Barrett, who operates Manhattan Bird Alert, agreed to besiege me in Central Park Wednesday morning.

The only problem was the bird was missing. Mandarin duck was seen last Saturday. But since then, nothing. Ti Fowl play? ”CBS New York wondered. According to Barrett, the bird is probably elsewhere in the city – probably in the Central Park reservoir. Or maybe the Hudson River: someone detected duck New Jersey.

The duck is not local to the area, no matter where it is. They're not local zoos, they confirmed. Probably someone's escaped or released pet. Pets escaping from captivity are now reproduced in the United Kingdom and places in North Carolina and California now have their own populations. But there is only one in Central Park, and this is the end of the line of the Mandarin duck population in New York, as there is a unique number of chromosomes that prevents the Mandarin ducks from crossing with another species of duck.

Barrett is a finance guy and a computer programmer – Twitter has fooled his birdboat – he lives near the park on the Upper East Side. A few years ago he made his way to Birding while he was looking for a way to make his walks more interesting in Central Park.

It became a fast obsession. Barrett wrote a book. Great Manhattan Year: Tales of Competitive BirdsAbout the attempts to find as many bird species as possible in the park in 2012. He's good, too. The website explains:[h]267 ABA-countable bird species in Manhattan are second in all time list on eBird as of October 2018. . When I talk to him, I'm quickly out of date with this information: Up to 268 & # 39; (The latest addition to Harris, the sparrow in Harris, was batı a mega-rare western bum, 60 years ago in Manhattan. Çe) He saw only 222 different birds in Central Park.

Not spor bird watching -, not açık bird watching Barr, Barrett explains to me when I misunderstand – it's a competitive and cooperative sport. There is no real reward for Barrett's 268 bird puzzles. Bird stains are made entirely in the honor system, but if someone tells them that they have found a penguin in Central Park, they will go out.

But a penguin in Central Park, even if someone noticed him, didn't count. It's not a Mandarin duck. Birders can only be counted domestic the species they see. Barrett explains that some of the encircers upset the attention of the Mandarin duck: a generation that wants to increase the number of ABA's countable bird species, only the one that has escaped. Still, Barrett said attention was great for her: on Twitter, she doubled up on followers last month, and she interviewed a CBS New York story.

After we see the owl, we go all over the park. We check the Turtle Pond to see that the Mandarin duck sits there; unlucky. We hit the feeders placed by the Central Park guard and we see a few birds: mourning doves, tufted tit, reclusive thrushes, black-capped chikadees and a lot of sparrows.

We see blue jays and Canada geese and clearly many wild pigeons. Barrett was good at birdwatching: he set and pointed the calls. This is what the limited owl was first noticed: blue jays and other birds making noise and wanting to harass their land, so the troops realized that a hunter was there. Today, Barrett is helping to find a red-bellied woodpecker. At the end, I'm paying attention to a point where I'm flying through the trees. I only see her with the naked eye, but I think she does.

We're moving to another body of water, and Barrett gets excited. . I think I saw a purple finch! Ch she exclaims. Değil It's too big! “But he quickly corrected himself:” Sorry, not great. Today is great for us. Ir Purple finch is not uncommon, but this time of year is not common in Central Park. We see the fruits eating. Very sweet. Since we're probably not going to see the Mandarin duck, I feel like it's a big thing for us today.

Barrett didn't expect to turn into a generation. Or I thought Birding would be a waste of my time, “he says. “I like my own love quickly. I started seeing things I've never seen before. [including] Many birds of the park. The calm outdoor environment was welcomed from the days I spent fixing on computer screens. "

True: Birding is a great way to go out, wander around and have fun outside. Birders provide the experience of nature; the internet allows the sites to share what they find with others in the community. Ett It's a treasure hunt, bir says Barrett. Orijinal Birding is original Pokémon Go. "

David Barrett tells about the common domestic ducks in The Pond.

In the end, we headed to the Ponds at the southern end of the park and the most common spots of the ducks. Mostly mallards. We are also identifying a common domestic duck, a non-indigenous bird, and most likely someone who is a pet that has been freed or fled. She's cute. But it cannot fly and does not breed with other ducks. New York City will be a duck until he dies.

In the end, Barrett and I see something special: three wooden ducks, a native bird about Mandarin. (Mandarin and wood duck are only two members of the genus. Aix.) Like Mandarin, the wooden duck is brightly colored. His feathers are not quite flashy, but great. I reset him with his binoculars and I'll see.

And then I fly and fly, and I keep it in my binaries. He's headed for me. With binoculars, in front of my face, it looks like it's going down 25 meters. It was beautiful. And everything – it was great to recruit binoculars, and to take an incredibly close-up view of the duck, as the duck flew to a different place. I feel like a real bird. Later, Barrett sent his notes for the walk: 23 different species were identified. I'm going to the eBird list.

As for Mandarin, we didn't see it yesterday. But the duck didn't go. He was just hiding. This morning, Barrett got a text from his dentist.

The bird is back. In Gölet'. I know you're alive and you're gonna row. Sure, I He could not find. But someone did, and that's good enough.

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