Sunday , March 29 2020
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British Airways made another technical problem

The problem left an unknown number of passengers stranded or delayed while waiting for international flights.

Belongs to British Airways International Airlines Group (ICAGY)"The teams are working hard to solve a technical problem affecting some of our flights," he said.

The carrier said that he re-booked alternative flights for some customers and offered the hotel "to those who could not continue their travels".

Customers were asked to check the British Airways website to check their flight status. The airline said the passengers' travel plans were "very sorry for the deterioration".

The airline has hit a number of technical traps in recent years. British Airways was forced to cancel more than 100 flights in August when computer systems dropped.

In 2017, after a BT major IT system failure iptal, it canceled flights from London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports, causing a serious disruption to its global operations and accommodating 75,000 customers.

-— Jaide Garcia contributed to the reporting.

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