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Boeing orders the 50 737 Max jet at the Dubai Air Show

Aerial photo shows Boeing 737 MAX at Boeing facilities at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington on September 16, 2019.

Lindsey Wasson | Reuters

DUBAI, UAE – Boeing was able to reach the third of the Dubai Air Show with offers of the 737 Max jet unloaded one day after receiving a final order for 10 jets from the vacated airline SunExpress.

On Tuesday, Kazakhstan's Air Astana issued a letter of intent for 30 of the globally grounded Max jets since March, following two five-month devastating accidents that killed 346 people.

The proposal, which escalated from a mysterious buyer to a company order reported to 20 of Max jets, represents a vote of confidence on a plane whose dangerous flaws triggered this year's biggest crisis in the aviation industry.

Air Astana's commitment of $ 3.6 billion is not a firm order, and all of last week's agreements remain subject to the aircraft receiving regulatory approval for return to service. The Kazakh airline is also a customer of Boeing's French rival Airbus, who has made major deals this week and overshadowed the American aircraft manufacturer.

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal said Boeing ordered 10 of the 737 MAX 7 and 10 from an undisclosed buyer for the 737 MAX 10 and they were familiar with the issue.

According to the news on Tuesday, before 32 the orders, as well as list of aircraft at 1.2 billion dollars, adding a firm order for 10 aircraft based in Turkey SunExpress & # 39; skin Max 737 8 tracked a growing orders for the jet. usually negotiated by airlines.

The announcement points to a win for Boeing, but the total $ 5.6 billion order so far has been reduced compared to the Airbus imitation, which has so far ordered about $ 30 billion in list prices. Europe's largest aviation company On Monday, 120 of the A320neo jet from Air Arabia and 50 of the A350's approximately $ 14 billion and $ 16 billion worth of Dubai flagship Emirates & # 39;

Prior to the approval of the Airbus order, Air Arabia reportedly held talks with Boeing two weeks before the show.

Known for record-breaking mega deals, the Dubai Air Show typically sees fierce competition for deals from rivals Airbus and Boeing, each of which holds about half of the market for large commercial aircraft. However, the American aircraft maker's presence has been suppressed so far, reduced by collisions, security concerns and grounding of roughly 400 jet-jet fleets in the world.

The aviation giant fought this year, resulting in new orders to dry. British Airways' parent, the International Consolidated Airline, said it intends to buy 200 of the 737 Max aircraft during the Paris Air Show in June, but this order has not been met.

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