A man in a hooded armed man who killed 11 people and a sheriff sergeant in a popular country dance bar with college students in southern California. The shooter also died in the melee.

Country music world woke up on Thursday This is the second time you've hit this band for years. An armed man opened fire on a college night at Borderline, a nationwide dance club in Thousand Oaks, California, where twelve people were killed and more wounded. The gunman was found dead inside.

"Last night in California, where 12 people were killed in a country bar, awakening the dreadful news in NYC," tweeted the Big & Rich singer John Rich. "One officer on duty died while he was running towards the shooter to save his life. Join me this morning to ask the Holy Spirit to help his relatives draw these families."

Country Icon Charlie Daniels also honored the veteran Ventura County sheriff's sergeant Ron Helus and one of the first responders on the scene. He died of his wounds.

. Another Blue Knight disappeared last night, ö Tweeted the singer; Devil Georgia #. "Many of his brothers and sisters died in the act of protection and service as before him. Sgt. Ron Helus, died by saving lives. No higher calls."

"Many of my friends and I have entered this bar very often," said the "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy HaleHe is a longtime country music fan, having a second career as a singer. "We are living in a world where such demolitions can be everywhere, everywhere. I am very sorry for the victims and everyone. I suffer so much."

Nashville-based singer Margo Price He posted a photo of his photo, which reads "We can stop gun violence", "13 shots were shot at a California bar. That's why I put on this needle. My heart goes to the victims and their families."

58 countries were killed on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Some of the survivors of the previous attack were reported to be in Borderline as "Fargo". Carrie Coon he pointed.

"Part of the Thousand Oaks Bar in California jumped to Las Vegas," wrote "Gone Girl" Carrie Coon. "Not long before we tell the victim, survivor, perpetrator, or the victims or survivors of our loved ones."

The shootings hosted many stars outside the country scene.

Tamera Mowry-Housley and her husband, former Fox News reporter Adam Housley, starred "real" homeowner and "Brother, Sister" star Alaina Housley, who learned her nephews.

"Our hearts are broken. Just before we get to know that Alaina is one of the victims in the Borderline bar at Bin Thot the other night." The couple was named by Chantal Artur. "Alaina was an amazingly young woman with so many lives, and we're devastated because her life was cut short. We thank everyone for your prayers and we want privacy right now."

On Thursday morning, the couple had gone wildly to try to find their place in Pepperdine University's fashion in social media.

More: Tamera Mowry-Housley, husband nephew, learning among victims of Bin Oaks

Pioneer of the old Go-Gos Belinda Carlisle He had a heartbreak in particular to see that he was in his hometown, about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

. I grew up there and know it well, d he tweeted. "I just lived there on dairy farms and on Bin Oaks Avenue. Every day there is another audience shoot. When will it end?"

Personalized for shooting comedian Christopher TitusWho made this club?

"11 dead, death, I did a comedy somewhere. At the border, Bin Oaks," he tweeted. "Group of college children. Dead, families, friends, colleagues, other students and teachers for a resentful heart. Multiply the dead by all those killed. So let's keep looking at the sun."

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Or My heart is breaking today for the Thousand Blessings. . Hamilton aba creator Lin-Manuel Miranda added a link to Her Town for Gun Security.

Chelsea Clinton He was beaten to the point that the United States has had many similar events in the recent past.

"We are in the wheel of a madness hamster. Another day of grief. Another day of anger," "Frozen" star Josh Gad said. . They learn that families love the other day unnecessarily. But don't worry, I remember that all the other times we did it bir başka Weapons don't matter. ""

"Another meaningless action. 13 He died in another mass shooting. Families with violence devastated. Again," Ellen DeGeneres tweeted"My heart is with thousands of Oak's people and everyone is fighting to change."

"Office" star Rainn Wilson In addition, "My heart is broken for my neighbors in Thousand Oaks, and apparently for the victims of gun violence forever in our country."

Shooter: Sailor senior Ian David Long set to be a Thousand Oaks artillery

What we know: 11 victims after a first shot at Thousand Oaks

& # 39; A hero is dead ': Ventura County Şerif Sgt. Ron Helus is dead

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