CARLSBAD, California (AP) – Free agent Bryce Harper and many other baseball players claim that the rebuilding teams have become a "competitive cancer", leading to a 4 per cent decline this season.

When officials of the sport began to spark possible rule changes and change the pace of play, Scott Boras criticized several clubs that had fewer fans since 17 this year.

Boras said the baseball team of the State of Louisiana had a higher average attendance than Miami Marlins' 81-10,786 from 10.014 in the 37th home match.

"Fans of Florida have definitely brought MIA to Miami," he said in a courtyard outside the meetings of general managers on Wednesday.

"When the division clubs came to Minnesota, Twins claimed that only one of them became very bad".

And this year it criticized Toronto Blue Jays, which has the biggest drop in major leagues and caused 878,000 fans to drop to 2.33 million.

”They lost a third of the fans' fans because of the blue grip because they didn't bring the fans of the fans, who were attracted by the market, piy he said.

Boras wants to encourage spending, appeal to a smaller number of clubs in favor of young people, and be less willing to have more lucrative contracts – especially for their customers.

Major League Baseball's average attendance fell to the lowest level of 28,830 after 14 consecutive 30,000 consecutive minutes. Boras tied the enemy to non-rival clubs: 100 lost teams in 1985 for the second time since 1985 and broke the first four records in 2002. And for the first time in the history of the major league had eight 95 lost teams.

”The fact is, they're losing fan masses and it's costing millions of dollars and millions of dollars to rebuild their fan base,“ he said.

Boras is looking for a record contract for Harper, Giancarlo Stanton's $ 325 million revenue, a 13-year deal by 2027, reached Miami Marlins last December, swapping to the New York Yankees. Boras came as if they had rehearsed zingers like a stand-up comedian.

”It definitely started in the Harper market,“ he said. "Fashionable. Historical. Elite. It's absolutely global. It's absolutely inspiring sources of great shoes and great hair."

At the age of 26, Washington made an end-of-season offer before becoming a free agent. Nationals managing director Mike Rizzo said Harper didn't respond.

Rizzo, "He will go to work and we will continue business," he said. "We have prepared the draft, we signed it, we developed it. It became one of the best players in the league with our uniform."

When GMs come together with each other and representatives, formal sessions deal with the mechanics of sports, and Commissioner Rob Manfred and his staff are concerned about the fall in strikes and the increase in strikes. The big-league hit average fell to 248, which was the lowest since 1972 – the last season before the American League accepted the hit hit.

Strikeoutlar broke the record for the 11th year and peaked for the first time in the history of the major league.

. I think the fans in the game play a little more, "said Theo Epstein, head of the baseball operations at the Chicago Cubs. "I'm embracing the efforts of MLB to think about how the game will lead to the most attractive product for fans. If this game contains more of the ball, you'll find some thin ways to impress it."

Billy Eppler, the general manager of Los Angeles Angels, thinks that changes aren't necessary.

“I think we should embrace. I don't think we should fight him. Onun "Why are people attracting more attention? Probably the pitcher is about 3 1/2 miles per hour, because people get better with crushing balls. There's more technology in the game. And really right, you decide where you want to throw a baseball." and practice for specific hits. "

As many teams return the back ends of the three-A teams to more depth for each match, the strokes per starting pitcher are from 5.51 to 5.36 last year, and 5.89 in 2012 & # 39; ; a dropped, and the breakers per team per game rose to 3.4. Last year was 3.2 and 2012 in 3.0. Tampa Bay began experimenting with a relief jug as ile opener deney instead of the traditional starter. This was a move that Oakland and Milwaukee even accepted in the playoffs.

Those who meet in Atlanta a week later next week will be discussed further and the relationship between the players is at least obvious. But first, the MLB needs to formulate what it wants to propose a process that is likely to be stretched in Las Vegas and possibly next month's winter meetings in January.

GM Matt Klentak from Philadelphia, "We live at a time where we expect answers very quickly, and I think we have to remember that there are many different periods in baseball history, many styles that have played baseball." Said. "A dead-ball period occurs, and then the teams start to correct their behavior, and suddenly you run more and more home, and then the teams are set up and the speed and defense take over the game. And then the teams try to exploit everything. PITCHf / x TrackMan data will be ebb and fluent naturally, and we have to give some patience to the game and let it grow naturally.


AP Sports Writer Bernie Wilson contributed to this report.


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