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Angels beat Shohei Ohtani Yankees' duo and beat AL Rookie

The two-way sensation of the Los Angeles Angels beat the New York Yankees duo Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres to the American League, while Shohei Ohtani became the fourth Japanese-born player to win the year's Rookie.

Ohtani won 30 top 30 points to escape with the prize. The other five votes went to Andujar, who finished as a contestant.

. It's a lot to me to complete my first year of something special, ifade said Ohtani through a translator to the MLB Network. "Especially, I think there is too much for people who support me all the time, so I'm really grateful."

Ohtani was honored by Hideo Nomo (1995), Kazuhiro Sasaki (2000) and Ichiro Suzuki (2001) after his debut in Major League Baseball. The star of Angels was proud to be in his country for the first time as Suzuki won the award 17 years ago.

"[Suzuki] unit of [Ohtani] When he was a little kid he never watched and looked up to this day all the time, her said Ohtani interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara.

The angels had high hopes for both the bat and the arm of the Ohtani, and the 24-year-old had his first season with Angels. It hit 225 to 225. If he had enough plate appearance to qualify for the leaders, he took fourth place in AL.

At the beginnings of 51.2 innings over 10, he went to 3-2 with 3.31 ERA and 63 strikes, and, due to his ability in the mound, burned his as-caliber materials, his teams keen to sign for him.

The bat was more impressive than expected, and Ohtani joined Babe Ruth as the only player to have won at least 20 home races and at least 50 beats in the same season. Ruth did this in 1919 – the pitcher in the last season. Red Sox sold her to the Yankees, which was offseason, and became a full-time outfielder in the 1920s.

Ohtani will serve as a full-time hitter in 2019, and Tommy John underwent surgery one day after the end of the regular season. The surgery will probably prevent him from shooting in 2019, but at the beginning of the season he is not ready at the time, but should see a significant time as the designated performer of the Angels.

Ohtani, a phenomenon for Nippon Raw Fighters in Japan, was the subject of an intense recruitment campaign after being sent. In 2016 there were 1.86 ERAs in 140 strokes in 2016, despite only 25 downsprings due to ankle injury, and 22 were hit .322 in their home study. Because he was under 25, Ohtani was subject to international boning rules and this bonus was fined $ 3.557 million and limited him to a rookie salary scale (the signing team also paid a $ 20 million registration fee to Fighters had to).

This actually meant that all 30 teams would have to go after Ohtani; If he had waited until he came 25 years old, he would have issued a $ 200 million contract. Ohtani finalists contracted Angels, Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Mariners, Rangers and Cubs, and then agreed with Angels for a $ 2.315 million bonus.

Ohtani struggled during both training and spring training during a strike, but left an immediate impression in the regular season. He beat A & # 39; s first entry on April 1st and allowed three runs on six shots. At the second start, shooting against A & # 39; again allowed only one hit with seven strokes with 12 strokes.

In the meantime, after entering the first match in DH 1-5, he played in three straight games and was the biggest story of the game in the first few months of the season.

His first career came with his host at Anaheim and it was one of the most memorable moments of the season, when fans of Angels gave him a great applause, but he was received in silence by his teammates when they reached the Whore. As he gleefully wanted someone to celebrate, he finally caught Ian Kinsler mobbed him before his teammates.

Ohtani came down to DL at the beginning of June and returned a month later. After he returned from DL, he hit .283 / .354 / .580, but he made only a shortened screen appearance with a 2.1 stroke starting on September 2 against Astros. Still, he broke a record for home runs by a Japanese rookie, and from August 1st the .649 slugging percentage was the second highest in the majors behind Christian Yelich.

The Yankees rookies Andujar and Torres have brought their team to the top 100 win season since 2009. Andujar, 27 home run and 47 pairs with the 497 hit and AL & # 39; s seventh, while 92 in the car was extra strikethe drive while driving. The defense of the third base was a problem, but the minus-25 defensive defenses were rescued and could have hurt him in the vote.

Torres played an average of 21.25 for an average midfielder in the middle of the age of 21 and played only 123 games in 24 games. He received three votes for third place and 16 votes for second place.

Tampa Bay Rays, second-in-the-second Joey Wendle, was fourth in the ballot, taking the third place in the third place and eighth in the third place.

Lakeland (Florida) Ledger columnist Dick Scanlon was the only player who chose to remove Ohtani from the first third and replaced him with Andujar, Wendle and Rays cavalryman Ryan Yarbrough.

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