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& # 39; SNL & # 39; How did it respond to the mid-term exam?


Host Liev Schreiber celebrated the record voter turnout for this year's midterm exams during the monologue, and took part in the Congress Choice "Weekend Update".

From the beginning, November 10 Saturday night live Hosted by Ray Donovan Stars Liev Schreiber and musical guest Lil Wayne, based on the results of the midterm exam earlier this week.

At the end of the show, Schreiber said that a record number of more than 100 million Americans voted – in the 2018 midterm elections – in the mid-2018 elections: "This is what we have shown for me, because we have emerged. We attach importance to our children and our country." thank you."

In addition, a pre-recorded musical sketch also touched upon a collection of things that brought people together, regardless of political distinctions, particularly those that everyone hates. According to the song, people, shared jeans, people studying abroad and returning with an accent can come together with people who make a lot of noise in the “pubic,, warm public toilet seats and gym. Schreiber emerged as a pilot who interrupted the film to talk about the wind speed of an airplane.

"Weekend Update" also addressed the results of the midterm exam: "Like a wife who came after a divorce, the House of Democrats took it back," said Colin Jost.

Jost also delivered a speech to Jared Police, the governor, who was elected as the first open man in history in the United States on Tuesday.

Newsdesk partner Michael Che spoke with Georgia State Secretary Brian Kemp of Stacey Abrams, who is struggling to win her contest in Georgia. . If there were ref, it would be like defeating Lebron at home, Che Che said.

. Weekend Update kabul also decided that CNN ’Jim Acostah and the White House seç press apprentices luk were doctors and Texas Congress Member Dan Crenshaw accepted an apology from Pete Davidson.

The episode also referred to a music video parody called Time & # 39; s Up for a rap duo called Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson, played by Booty Kings. They reiterated to women's bodies, but reiterated that they needed to give consent and respect the boundaries with the hook, bir I'm on a mission for this ass, but I want to let go first. A Davidson also played a rapper named Uncle Uncle and cameos from Future and Lil Wayne .

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