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Why Owen Wilson Rejects Meeting His Newborn Daughter


Actor Owen Wilson is a new dad – but he's not proud of him.

The 49-year-old m Wedding Crashers ayet star has been reported to have no custody agreement with a woman who is claimed to be a daughter. The girl who was born last month and called Lyla is now her third child. But he said the actor had nothing to do with him. (RELATED: Here is Hiethious Reason Owen Wilson, All Hotels to Evacuate)

According to Us Weekly, Wilson shares the baby with Varunie Vongsvirates.

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It was said that although Lyla was born in October, Wilson was a source called doğ Weekly Days. Ly Iyor Didn't even check the box in June in any visits… doesn't want to visit [and does not] I want to keep an eye on her. "

This is especially strange, as the source recorded, as the baby shares the similarity of Wilson.

"The baby looks just like Owen," the source continued. ”She has fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.“

Moreover, although two were alleged to have been un almost five years ago, ine Wilson never is contacted Varunie. Dah

Ie He knew Varunie was pregnant. Owen was told when Varunie was four weeks pregnant, ie the source continued.

Wilson, however, did a paternity test during Vongsvirates' pregnancy. The results, according to court doctors, "the alleged father, the fetus was not excluded as the biological father," he says. In other words, he's probably the father.

Wilson is already the father of two sons, Robert the seven-year-old, Owen's father and four-year-old Finn. Both men are different mothers.

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