Monday , March 8 2021

What happens when we die? This research reveals the mystery of the first stage of death

It's something we all ask, but no one can answer for sure – what happens when it dies?

You can imagine fluffy white clouds, playing games and golden gates.

If not, you can believe – not to beat around the bushes – when you left, you went.

In any case, you will deal with this brand new piece – a little creepy – research.

Your brain was "trapped" in the dead body while it was still working.

After the death, he read the consciousness and examined cases of heart attacks in Europe and America. Sam Parnia knows that we died when we died because our brains continue to work.

It seems that our brain does this to make us realize what's going on around us.

A new study conducted by the best medical professionals shows that your consciousness continues to function after your heart has been beaten.

This means that you are "trapped" briefly in your dead body while your brain is still working.

Anecdotal evidence has shown that people in the first stage of death can still experience some kind of consciousness.

People who had an expert heart attack later correctly told us that their hearts stopped after the beatings.

Freedom and Resurrection Christian Concept
Freedom and Resurrection Christian Concept

Dr Parnia said: ece They tell the doctors and nurses that they will explain the work, they will be fully aware of the visual things going on, otherwise they will explain that they cannot be known by them. Dr

A person officially declared dead, said: layan Everything is based on the moments of your heart stops.

"Technically speaking, this is how you take the time of death."

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