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Tony Bellew finishes his boxing career with no regrets


In her career Bellew had the chance to be the Briton, who won a career title in the Manchester Arena at the same time as the first time ever to win four major titles in a weight class and also in the prestigious Ring Magazine.

35-year-olds, although a remarkable underdog with reporters, made a bold start against a warrior considered to be one of the best in any segment on the planet.

But before the referee Terry O & # 39; Connor was counted for two minutes in the eighth round, there was no need for a fairy tale finale for the brave Bellew put down on the right with a right wing.

An emotional but sublime Bellew later said: değ I just tried to take a last step and you know, I wasn't good enough, but I could live forever.

; If I didn't do this fight, it would have killed me because I've been good enough. “ It was actually not me, it's better than me.

"One part thinks I'm failing again, but it's boxing at the highest level, so you have to admit that you can't always win.

Oleksandr Usyk beats Tony Bellew in Manchester Arena

Oleksandr Usyk beats Tony Bellew in Manchester Arena

"If I'm honest, I'm tired of it for the first time in my career. I don't know why or how it is, but I'm just tired. It's brilliant, I don't have bad words to say about Oleksandr, just wish her well."

"I have opposed the best cruiser weight and can claim to be the greatest cruiser of all time.

"No excuses, I gave everything I had, I couldn't have done better. My career is over. I've been doing this for 20 years."

Bellew (30-3-1, 20KOs) cried lyrically on a series of topics in his closing speech, thanking his parents and developer Eddie Hearn and trainer Dave Coldwell for his career.

In May 2016, Liverpudlian launched generations of British, British and European-level generations prior to his personal emphasis on Goodison Park, and stopped the fear of the title of vacant WBC cruiser Ilunga Makabu.

His rival, David Haye, stepped heavily on two points of craftsmanship before being called back to the 200-lb weight limit after being summoned by the invincible Usyk.

Bellew, sporting resources under both eyes, said: ım I've had all the wildest dreams, I told you all and I was around when I said I had my memory. If Goodison Park.

"I'm sitting here as a loser, and I feel distressed and f *****, but I've earned it in my life. When I got kicked out of school, I had nothing and I had nowhere to go.

Im My three sons are very millionaires and I've won every penny by punching people, I never even imagined it.

Tony Bellew with her instructor Dave Coldwell

Tony Bellew with her instructor Dave Coldwell

”I can't thank my team enough: my wife, my father, my mother, my family, my brother, and a big part of them (Hearn and Coldwell, both sitting on each side).“

As in the future, Bellew was also suffering the stress that he wanted to get away from.

He added: "The only thing to say: I just want to disappear, please leave me alone. I just want to be a normal person, I didn't want more than a normal man.

"My plan was to fulfill my media obligations, and then on November 15th, I changed my number and gave it to very little.

. You call me Tony Bellew, I just created the name Tony Bellew proud of my old friend. Adım My name is Anthony Bellew, When I get to these cameras, everyone who really knows me calls me diy Anthony ".

"Tony Bellew died tonight, Anthony Bellew is back. I want the truth back, I want a normal life and I'll find him."

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