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Three asteroids following NASA headed this way, two seen only 2 days ago – RT World News

NASA is currently following three objects close to Earth (NEO) because it flew over the Earth on November 20. Interestingly, only two of them were detected last weekend, and tensions arose once again on planet defense.

The first and largest of Wednesday's cosmic flights will range from 157.5ft to 360.8ft (48 to 110 meters) and will be the 2016 UK6 asteroid, which will accelerate at around 6.20 GMT (1.20: 00 EDT). As we first observed on October 24, 2019 UK6 is the most stimulated.

NEO 2019 UK6 is a rare Amor asteroid that travels the Sun and Earth, rarely crossing the path of Earth. Apollo asteroids, on the other hand, intersect with the orbit of the Earth as the planet wanders the Sun.

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The second of Wednesday's flight will be the 2019 WF, which was first detected two days ago on November 17 by NASA's asteroid fighters. Approximately 24 meters wide, the nearest Earth approach will be about twice the moon. There's no danger of extinction.

The last one will be WE in 2019, it was also seen in the last second on November 17th. This asteroid will fly our planet about 1.3 million kilometers away.

According to NASA's Center for Object Studies Near the World (CNEOS), all three are mentioned. Yakın Approaches to the world ” but fortunately none of them are believed to pose any threat.

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