Friday , August 19 2022

The Rapist, who fled the court after the verdict, was sentenced to an extra six months in prison | UK news


A man who jumped from a court building and escaped after being found guilty of rape was extended for another six months in custody.

Bradley Tout, 20, was sentenced by a jury attacking a 16-year-old girl, then fled from the Worcester throne court.

He was handed over four days later and was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for rape. On Friday, Tout appealed for his guilt for running away from custody.

The Criminal Ceremony, which was held through a prison video link in court, judge James Tindal, said he had been T panic and blunt, cowardice yar running from the court.

The judge, Ronkswood, from Worcester, told Tout: ı After the jury has made its decisions, everything you can think of is ultimately responsible for what you do.

“I admit that this is never a planned escape. You stood there and waited for the jury to say ”not guilty leri when they said” guilty Orada. In the heat of the moment you bolted, you ran chaos in the courthouse. "

The judge, who was sentenced to six months in prison for the escape, added: Bay There was a fugitive about this case, Mr. Tout – a fugitive who regretted and disdained the seriousness of the real crime. Kaç

Paul Whitfield, the prosecutor's office, told Tout that he and his parents came to a police station. “When he saw it, he said he thought he was innocent,“ he said. “He had been subjected to chaos and said that he had reacted to what emerged in front of him.“

The staff of the private surveillance services company GEOAmey were on duty during the escape. A company spokesman said that at the time a detainee had gone to the hospital after he sustained the injuries during the incident.

However, Tout's lawyer, Abigail Nixon, "didn't go anywhere near where someone could capture him – since the security guards followed him."

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