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The PC makers draw attention, the kids on the phone are here.

hands Huawei's laptop has something very important to tell you – and this is very important, everything about it seems to be a bonus.

About a decade ago, 4: 3 screens became obsessed with laptops, as they became obsessed with making our computers suitable for TVs and movies. "You like widescreen movies, so you'll just love a widescreen laptop" was the logic.

No. The transition to the 16: 9 widescreen was a great regret source for some developers and office workers. A 4: 3 ratio display allows you to fit more content horizontally than 16: 9 without having to scroll more vertically. It's much better to work: it needs less scrolling in an IDE; Two Word or Excel documents can be open at the same time. A larger panel in the Vivaldi browser. Test match score. Understand what I mean? Important things were all thrown into the sea as they ran to the large screen.

In the days of VGA, many laptop screens have been in a 4: 3 screen, but this is the last work I've done, Noughties vintage in a Thinkpad. Well the poppets, it was defiantly 3: 2. 3: 2 Pride was in March, then was intoxicated at the London Pride and the next day is still provocative 3: 2 singing. 3000×2000 (see?) The screen proves that you can make a non-bulky notebook.

With the localization, local distribution and support of Huawei, it took nine months to bring the Matebook X product range to the UK. Only then, he earned a reputation as one of the outstanding PCs of 2018. I can meet the UK enthusiasts who have bought one through the gray import channels and are tired of using the continental adapter. And that's why it turned out that Huawei started doing premium laptops on what it did to flagship phones.

It is a compact business-oriented ultrabook that has a heavy price, but some remarkable features. Let's start with the open one: design.

Top features of the top tier Huawei phones are available here: borderless display – frame tiny, 91 percent visible display – fast fingerprint sensor, mysterious sound and very smooth and elegant aluminum design.

MateBook X Pro

USB-A is still included

MateBook X Pro

Two Thunderbolt ports: both can be used to charge

The design is very similar to the 2015 MacBook, and the experience of the MacBook Air has been so disappointing that the Apple Air line has been restored. The MacBook had a couple of serious restrictions (and the owner). Power users who need maximum performance when installed have no i7 option and have found that the memory in 16 GB (and 512 GB storage). Each owner had to make "Live Dongle Life" with just one USB-C port for charging and expansion. These ridiculous limitations and MacBook is now the death row for the Apple's equivalent of Death Row looks dom.

NVidia report

How does Nvidia & # 39; s GPU software see MateBook?

MateBook X Pro has none of these issues and adds a touchscreen to the proposal. Ultra power users who need a graphics card are also sold here. Surprisingly, it uses a Nvidia GeForce MX150 (2GB GDDR5), the mobile version of the GT 1030. This lacks a 1050 & # 39; s tool required for high-frame speed gameplay, but is also useful for AI development, video encoding and less demanding games. The power draw is lower and, of course, better than the GPU.

The 4: 3 screen is very bright (400 nits), but even better, Gorilla Glass has a non-fingerprint coating.

X also offers an extremely powerful sound for a compact ultrabook. If you have something very With loud and resonance – I found myself turning down the volume in Vulture Central. Huawei has reverb chambers and a dual suspension speaker in a four-speaker setup. I'm not sure how, but the sound design for a phone should help here. Dolby supports ATMOS.

MateBook X Pro

A telephone-style fingerprint sensor has been added to the power button

I was also impressed by the fact that Huawei incorporated the fingerprint sensor into the power button, so you just have to tap once to log in. This is far superior to the use of face recognition and other smartphone features that pass the old PC terrain.

The MXP fits my personal test of a portable laptop (only – but the 13-inch MacBook Air fits) to fit the bag of a reporter (31.5cm tall).

The keyboard's excellent response and the OK movement are more than the inadequate travel of the latest MacBook Pro (0.5mm), but less than the reassuring depth of a ThinkPad keyboard. Although I'm suspicious of the low-angle shots it produces during a video conference, there's a pop-up webcam (between F6 and F7), a design that I hope to see other users try to emulate. The quality in 1MP is quite weak. The backlight on the keyboard is even more impressed and fine, pale and going back to brightness. A lot went to this thought.

Battery life was claimed to be 12 hours and was typical for eight hours and over 10 hours. From time to time it was under a pummeling, and the estimate fell to four, but the machine will rarely remain on for as long as you don't play games or Bitcoin mining.

MateBook X Pro

Most of the screen can be used with very narrow frames

My only reservation is the heat dissipation of two air vents for a Pro machine. Under load, for example when indexing content, it was not enough to force heat, which made it very difficult to operate. In normal use, you will never hear. This is just a question mark on peak loads.

Charging is very fast thanks to the 65W charger that integrates a discrete power pin with a typical plug of the smartphone. It can supply power to a phone and it can be charged from a USB-C charger. In the end, some of the USB-C's promises can only be realized because this one compact adapter should be with you.

Great trackpad was also welcomed. Huawei said you can drag an item across the full screen required by professional and business users.

I / O story is good compared to Apple and Microsoft. It includes two Thunderbolt USB-C ports that can be used to charge both, but still remembers that it includes an older USB 3.0 port. Huawei sells a MateDock extender that looks like this:

MateDock 2

With Huawei's package, driver updates, diagnostics, warranty control and hot spots, it's a refreshingly lean PC Manager with a lightweight and uncomplicated PC Manager. He reminds them of Lenovo ThinkPad utilities and starts trying to trick them (there are no unwanted applications or irrelevant games – Microsoft thinks: her business these days).


This is the year that Huawei has become deadly serious with PC business, and is doing an interesting experiment to improve the market with the best of smartphone design and technology. The only thing missing – which is missing – is a comprehensive business guarantee program with basic feedbacks. In general, it is well thought-out and executed and is competitively priced against Dell, HP and Microsoft's notebooks (supporting the Shenzhen company head-to-head with Surface Laptop 2). ®

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