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Robert Kubica: Polish driver to reclaim F1 with Williams in 2011

Kubica remained in the frame for Williams' aim, but Sergey lost to Sirotkin.

Robert Kubica, who competed in Williams in 2019, made a notable return eight years after a rally accident that nearly killed him.

A 33-year-old pole suffered a partially severed right arm between many other injuries and still had partial movement in this limb.

A remarkable story of flexibility and determination can fall as one of the greatest returns in sport.

Kubica jointly with English rookies George Russell Williams next season.

Kubica said: "From the human point of view, I understand and see that no one believes. I'm the only one who didn't give up and I was the people around me.

. We all knew there might be something unattainable, which somehow proved impossible.

"When we look at it in terms of driving, you only have to wait a few months and you will see. If I can't compete enough, I wouldn't be here.

Ini I know it's a normal way to think that people can see my limitations and ask how I can do it, and I know it's hard to believe.

"But Williams saw that this year and I've seen this since I've been driving an F1 car last year in Valencia last year, but thanks to my job, but my limitations don't limit me, as most people think."

Team vice-president Claire Williams said: Cla It's a big credit for the quality and soundness of returning to Formula One. There is a level of determination to see. Gör

How did Kubica's career go from the tracks?

Archive: A remarkable return of Kubica to Formula 1

Kubica plans to start a second season in 2011 when Renault fell in a rally in Northern Italy in February.

His trolley was punctured by the roadside barrier and caused many ruptures and injuries on the right side of his body, at the same time his arm was almost torn off.

For some time his life was in danger, but Kubica began a long period of rehabilitation, aimed at returning to the sport.

For several years, he felt that there was not enough movement on his arm to compete in one-session, and he competed in the World Rally Championship for three years.

He then tried a number of different racing cars to see if he could compete in the races, and at the end of 2016 a turning point came up while he was trying a simulator at the Italian racing car producer Dallara's factory and made his way back to F1. Now it may be possible.

In 2017, he conducted a series of tests with Renault and finally got the chance to sign, and then began to meet Williams, who was ready to sign 2018 before a heart change at the last minute.

Why not now and last year?

Kubia & # 39; s right-hand arm clearly shows traces of the victim

Kubica and Russia's Sergey Sirotkin tested last season in Abu Dhabi last November, and Sirotkin proved to be faster after analyzing the team's performances closely. In addition to the fact that the Russians are able to provide more than double funding for the team, the selection of Sirotkin made them feel simple.

However, the first season of Sirotkin's performances did not meet the expectations of the team or the Russian supporters and had less money for 2020.

At the same time, Kubica continued to run in three free practice sessions before Abu Dhabi, a number of tests, and fast times in the team's simulator. When funds were added that Poland was worth at least 10m euros, the balance turned in favor.

India's alliance with the driver and Mercedes, Esteban Ocon, was an option, but while Mercedes was not ready to release the French for more than a year, Williams wanted a driver that could potentially use it longer.

Çok Robert did a great job for the team this year, really hard on the backup drive, and he did a great job on the racetrack,. Said Williams.

"Next year is a new beginning for Williams and I spent a lot of time with Robert this year and really enjoyed the company. But his fighting spirit, we need this team right now.

"And we need everyone to suppress and I think Robert will be a really great addition to us for 2019 and beyond."

How's it going with one arm?

After a race in the Spanish Grand Prix in May, Kubica said that if he had had a chance he would "make a comeback now".

He added: "Everything that is missing is just a question because I'm doing it every two months – if something is missing.

"If I had a chance to drive every week, there was more room to improve."

Car images from Kubica's car this year's practice sessions have made it clear that he is still ready to hold the steering wheel with his right hand.

Kubica explained that it was adapted to what he called ğ restriction iki and that the driver did not have to hold the wheel firmly with both hands.

. After the accident, I discovered that there is no need to hold a steering wheel in the road car, you need to hold the steering wheel, you can use it to use the friction.

"F1 is not a road vehicle, but also a school in which they give you a bird, and you have to keep it." [so] You can't keep it so much that you're not afraid to fly away. This is the way to hold the steering wheel.

"Then I know that it looks different from the others 10 years ago, but the result is probably the same or almost the same."

In addition to the absolute speed until it proved, after the worst season in Williams' history, question marks on the level of competitiveness remain inevitable, but for the time being, there is a story of courage and salvation encouraging it. This weekend in Abu Dhabi into the winter after the final race.

Britain's George Russell will partner with Williams in Cuba in 2019.

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