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Red Bull 's late in the season F1 & # 39; s confusing & # 39; – Daniel Ricciardo – F1

Daniel Ricciardo admits that the fluctuations in the second form of Red Bull in 2018 are; confusing de because there is no clear explanation for the improved speed of the RB14.

Red Bull tapped his hopes for a good race in Mexico because he closed the gap between the high-altitude Renault engine and the Ferrari.

However, in the last part of the season the team was competitive in most places, which showed that chassis development was more than Mercedes and Ferrari.

"This sport is very confusing at times," Ricciardo said. "I've even admired the speed we've had in Brazil.

"At the start of the race, I was passing through the package and normally you're hurting your tires, but at this point I could still see that I was faster than the Ferrari and Mercedes.

"It was hard to overcome, but I knew we had the speed. Isn't that true, or I don't know if the others misunderstood, but we've definitely accelerated in the last few races.

"Austin came out from the rear almost like a Mexican P1, and I think it was going to be a couple.

"And if Brazil had started in the front, I think we would have won.

"The car has the ability to win in all three of these races. It looks like it only accumulated throughout the year."

He asked him to go to Renault: Renault I probably don't already know! This sport is very complicated.

"But they know they are strong. I think this year is really strong, but all geometry, the suspension of the car."

Unuz Watch the boats of other cars and see that the other drivers' helmets are moving a lot, and ours is still quite.

"Everything is really breaking up this year that the car is fully aligned. I don't know the details, but I think this is one of the strengths of the team."

Max Verstappen emphasized that the key is that updates from Red Bull are usually working as planned.

"We always improve the car and I think every update we put on the car is working," he said.

Ilar That's great, and I think the other teams tried to put new parts in the car.

Team boss Christian Horner agreed that the team had made great strides after the summer break.

. We've made good progress with the car, Horn Horner said. "Really after the summer break [improve].

"We made a lot of progress with the car in the second half of the year and at first the car was very strong."

"We lost time in Montreal where the engine updates were started.

"We're back from Mercedes and Ferrari, but after the summer break we were able to move back into a competitive position."

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