Tuesday , October 4 2022

Premier League rivals push for Manchester City to investigate FFP rules


TONew accusations that Manchester City's financial reports are a ”network of lies yeni allowing Uefa to use spending rules should be investigated by Uefa according to senior people in other Premier League clubs.

German News Magazine Der Spiegel Whistle players have published more material than the Football Leaks, discussing how to deal with Uefa's Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, including the claim that senior people in Istanbul belong to Sheikh Mansur.

The story asserts that ini the owner's own sponsors in his country should only send more money Hik when he elaborates on any deficiencies and the fact that most of the sponsorship agreements are financed by the club's holding company Abu Dhabi United Group.

At the same time, if City's chief financial officer Jorge Chumillas's internal e-mail, they could change the payment date for Abu Dhabi's sponsors, board member Simon Pearce said: City Of course we want We can do anything. "

The FFP regulations of Uefa in 2011 determined the amount of financial losses that any club could register. The city was fined £ 49 million (£ 32 million) in 2014 for violating these rules, but these losses were largely alleviated by inflated sponsorship agreements with Mansur, which is part of Abu 's had a great suspicion. Dhabi royal family.

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