Tuesday , May 17 2022

Pfizer's patent after a decision on pain compliance in the UK at € 4.4 billion


By Ben Hirschler

In a long-standing patent war in the United Kingdom, Pfizer lost the country's highest court, the final ruling case of Lyrica's trial, a bitter drug of 4.4 billion euros per year.

The Supreme Court ruled that the US drug manufacturer is trying to ratify a secondary medical use patent for the product – and a gain for Actallis, a generic pharmaceutical company renamed Allergan and Mylan.

Lyrica, known as pregabalin, was originally developed for epilepsy, but further research has shown that it can help patients with neuropathic pain soon becoming the main market.

To protect this profitable part of the market, Pfizer provided a secondary patent beyond its original lifetime. However, the Supreme Court ruled that secondary patent allegations of neuropathic pain were invalid.

The legal struggle for Pfizer became a principle after years of wars in the lower courts, as the main secondary pain boom was no longer in Europe.

Pfizer said the decision was disappointing and that the decision would have a significant impact on public health incentives. Dön The period during which a drug is under patent is a critical phase in the life cycle, which is fueled by innovations as science develops and knowledge grows; it is increasingly benefiting from research on new uses of existing drugs. bu

”As these cases are expected to become more widespread, pharmaceutical companies are important for patients, as they can protect patents, including second medical use patents,“ he said.

Five years ago, the termination of the basic patent for Lyrica allowed generic drug manufacturers to release discrete price versions of Pfizer's drug. This was a "skinny label" that limited their use for epilepsy and general anxiety disorder. By filing a lawsuit, Pfizer argued that piracy versions were inevitable for pain as much as other cases. After the US drug company case was rejected in 2016, it asked for the case to be taken to the Supreme Court.

In the US, Pfizer expects only generic competition in Lyrica in 2019. Pfizer is one of Cork's largest employers and employs 1,000 people in the region soon. The Supreme Court is the last court of appeal for civil cases in the United Kingdom.

Pfizer said it was too early to determine or interpret any possible next step. Around 27% of the shares in the past year were valued at $ 251.5 billion (€ 223.4 billion).

– Reuters. Additional reporting Irish Inspector

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