Friday , May 20 2022

PC features and future updates from Bethesda details


In future updates, Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 will go through some cosmetic and other changes to bring some stress reduction to its players.

A video game in infancy, online Fallout 76 and the development team had a chat chat with a lot of water coolers, who insisted on the game's bumps and bruises. As a result of the conversation, Bethesda Game Studios plans to address the biggest flaws of the game.

At the beginning of the complaint, Bethesda has the FOV slider that is not wanted in the first place. unlike Fallout 3 and Fallout 4FOV is a foreign and frequently avoided term Fallout 76 (finally) an adoption. As a result, there is no problem because most of the computer monitors contain a very small percentage of the field of view of a complete circle. To fight more FO76 it will also support the 21: 9 aspect ratio for the PC.

Another aspect of the game that triggers the game is the in-game chat option. Like the FOV slider, push-to-talk was not part of the beta. As Bethesda states; Fallout 76; It's just a matter of time, although the studio expects it to happen before the beginning of next year.

Shift, Fallout 76 You may want to deal with non-player characters or any other problem with NPCs. Except for the occasional stagnant cadence of the Overseer on neighbors; FO76 It relies on ghouls and mole rats to interact with players unless they join PvP. However, the game's Vault-Tec Supported Targeting System or VATS needs a separate patch on its own. Fractional delay is funny at first glance, but as shown here, humor leads to confusion.

Although Fall out While the series mostly addresses consoles, the transition to the PC gaming stratosphere challenges a more challenging and vocal community. Through the likes of Reddit messages and Twitch streams, noises were heard, so Bethesda hopes to do the right thing by changing the date.

November 19, the target date for the next major wave and possibly for game-changing corrections FO76. A friendly user interface The Pip boy greets you with a warm hello on your way to your child next time, and headaches go around while you're walking around forgiving lands.

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