Sunday , April 11 2021

Parents Blame Fortnite for Falling Grades of Children

We all saw parents who complained about their children playing video games. You have a pretty good chance. your Parents were complaining about playing video games at some point. But there is a complaint yet and then going way too far. At the moment, the parents are actually trying to send their children to Fortnite rehabilitation.

Parents Fortnite Enough Enough

Suddenly, Fortnite addiction is all over the title. See this Bloomberg topic:

Ciddi Fortnite addiction has become serious enough to send some parents' children to rehab, Metin the text writes.

Yeah. Fortnite rehabilitation is apparently something. Wow.

Here's another tweet blaming bad grades and losing sleep in Fortnite:

Seriously? The last time we look at it, children have found reasons to lose sleep and fail the lessons since the beginning of time. If not Fortn, it would be something else. Yes, children should do their best to be successful at school and get enough sleep, but to some extent, relaxation and fun are part of a healthy childhood.

Plus, who is really being accused for undisciplined children? Fortnite – or lousy parents? When parents refuse to take responsibility for their failures, it is easy to see where their children get the same sense of responsibility.

Not Just Preventing Fathers from Failing

Parents are not accusing Fortnite of their own failures.

Reads the text in the tweet, Uzman This game is like heroin, ılı says Lorrine Marer, a British behavioral expert working with children involved in game addiction. ”When you connect, it's hard to be unhooked. Land‘

But the most funny part is the excerpt. "An online U.K. divorce service said that 200 petitions this year are talking about Fortnite and other video games, and the reason for the separation of marriages."

Riiiight. Often, two people who do not fit in well or are bad at solving problems that are responsible for the failure of a marriage. But let's blame video games, right?

. The Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League ğ states that participants in meetings and dinner had too much trouble because they prohibited Fortnite on the road.

Yes, because bad coaching and team dynamics may not be responsible. Obviously, it must be Fortnite.

They blame the video games for the problems that other people will be responsible for, a fun that is happening right now. We can't wait to stop soon.

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