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New Jeffrey Epstein accused Prince Andrew to speak

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Media writingJane Doe 15: "Epstein held great evil power in his hands"

A woman came forward to accuse the ugly financier Jeffrey Epstein of sexual harassment as a 15-year-old child and called on Prince Andrew to share information about her old friend.

The new accuser, described as "Jane Doe 15," told reporters that she had been "barren, long-term sexual assault".

The latest member of more than a dozen women who sued Epstein's property for sexual harassment.

There has been controversy between Prince Andrew's ties to sex offenders.

In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, Prince Andrew was suppressed by his friendship with Epstein and was accused of Virginia Giuffre's allegation that she had made love at Epstein's house when Ms. Giuffre was 17 years old.

Prince Andrew refused to have sex with Ms. Giuffre, but the interview sparked a wave of royal criticism. The accounting firm KPMG announced on Monday that it could not renew the sponsorship of the prince's entrepreneurial initiative Pitch @ Palace.

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Media writingPrince Andrew in Epstein: gösterge There was no indication, absolutely no indication #.

A new accuser

Jane Doe 15, 31, held a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred in Los Angeles on Monday. He accused Epstein of harassing him at the age of 15 after meeting his secretary during a school trip to New York in 2004 on a New York farm.

According to his case, the secretary said Epstein was interested in helping girls of poorer origins. He said he flew with his private jet to his ranch in New Mexico with other young girls. She claimed that you told her to massage, then sexually abused.

"Epstein took my sexual innocence." Said.

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A picture of the case showing "Jane Doe 15" as a teenager

Epstein, 66, threw himself in prison in August, awaiting trial on charges of federal sex trafficking. Some were accused of sexually harassing dozens of teenage daughters until the age of 14. He claimed he was innocent.

Jane Doe 15 did not accuse Prince Andrew of making any inaccuracies, but called her to find out more. Herkes Everyone close to Prince Andrew and Epstein should come forward and make a sworn statement of what information they have, ”he said.

Ms. Allred said she had called on Prince Andrew to "voluntarily meet with the FBI and prosecutors involved in this criminal case in New York, and also to have her taken under oath."

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