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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry avoiding the relationship DISASTER | Royal | News

Meghan and Harry were introduced by a joint friend in July 2016, and the romantic Prince agreed that he was & incredibly fast # in love.

But according to royal writer Andrew Morton, if the Prince had met the Prince a few years ago, he would not on affect Fakat Harry.

Meghan: In his biography of the Hollywood princess, Mr. Morton said: ens Sometimes timing is everything.

Ti Meghan Markle had met the man who stood in front of her, casually dressed, saluting with his hand, probably smiling a few years ago, gave a friendly little talk and continued.

”Prince Harry was not impressed – except for an anecdote to tell his friends“

Mr. Morton added: şey Meghan would have found Harry's tough job a lost soul. Bay

The royal writer described Harry's life as “total chaos 39 in his early twenties following the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Harry was best known for the party lifestyle in which he played a strip billiards in Las Vegas in 2012 and the cheeky prince wore a Nazi for a party in 2005.

Mr. Morton said: kabul In retrospect, Harry would be the first person in his twenties to accept that his life had become y total chaos Bay; the prince was struggling to process the dark cloud of darkness that had surrounded his life from that moment on. In the summer of 1997 she awoke from her bed in the Balmoral, and said that her mother was killed in a car accident with the Princess of Diana.

De Without a mother, she had fled race unstable, without a nourishing effect on her life. Şekil

But when Harry met Meghan in July 2016, he was in his thirties and ready to settle, avoiding a relationship catastrophe that might have occurred if the couple had met before.

Mr. Morton said: çok Meghan was meeting with a very different Harry than the young man who would fall from bars.

”Meghan was meeting an adult, a focused and determined man, who he is and what he feels he can achieve.“

Speaking at the accession talks last year, Harry told me when he met Meghan that everything was Harry perfect Geçen.

Harry said, aynı The fact that I fell in love with Meghan very quickly was a confirmation that all the stars were aligned, everything was perfect. Harry

The couple announced their participation in November 2017 and married in May with a stunning Windsor ceremony. Meghan is waiting for his fists in the spring of 2019.

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