Tuesday , January 26 2021

McDonnell plans community support with community land trust

John McDonnell is preparing plans to encourage more community land trust (a kind of common community) to own property and develop low-cost residences. The prime minister wants to publish a report to further expand the idea in the new year.

Mr. McDonnell said his plan was to see the "collective ownership of the land" in his speech Monday in the north of London.

This expressed concerns that the former Labor Party, a Marxist, wanted to maintain common ownership of the land, an idea normally associated with communist regimes.

Other influential people close to Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn have recently made radical recommendations on land ownership.

In 2014, Andrew Fisher, policy manager at Corbyn, wrote a book called Andrew T Cor.Experiment FailedÜzerinde He put forward various radical ideas, including a ban on private land.

Mr. Fisher, a union officer at the time, wrote that land ownership was doğ ridiculous ı in the book: şunlar The world was here before it was born and will be here since we left. Does this mean that all lands should be public? Maybe."

This month, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, a pro-Corbyn deputy, called for i nationalization meclis of private houses, giving parliaments the right to receive them. Brighton deputies said council leaders should be given the first refusal for any home for sale

Iyor Why isn't every parliament given the first right to refuse with any house offered for sale? And I didn't mean an old council house – that's your private home, Ve he said.

Mr. McDonnell's spokesman, however, stole the idea that Mr. McDonnell even pointed out about land nationalization. Instead, he said, "small-scale" policies were proposed by local communities to strengthen their participation in local development.

The shadow detachment, in his speech to Red Pepper, said he wanted to challenge the konuş current power relations soy in the community – a descendant publisher. Una One of the big problems we are talking about now is the land, the collective ownership of the land, the community land trusts, how we will look at the development of these by the local communities, “he said.

Typically, CLTs are a form of housing organizations living in the community – common in the United States – established and operated by the members of the community to develop houses to ensure their suitability in the day.

In recent years, the sector has grown rapidly due to the crisis in the housing sector, but the number of houses provided is more than hundreds, rather than thousands.

In the US, the system was set up with more than CLT more than 240 – the largest, the Champlain Housing Trust in Burlington, Vermont, with more than 2,000 hosts.

Separately, although Labor has drafted plans for a ground value tax, Mr McDonnell said it would be applied to housing, not just to commercial properties, according to Tory's allegations of a secret "garden tax."

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