Friday , May 20 2022

LOTTO RESULTS: Winning National Lottery numbers on Saturday, November 17, including Thunderball


England National Lottery and Thunderball draws – have you been lucky tonight?

Scroll down on our live blog to get all the winning numbers in the two draws.

If you have a ticket tonight, then you have a chance – and if you stay with us, you get the results in real time as soon as possible.

The UK National Lottery Lottery accelerated the night with the jackpot reaching 5.1 million pounds.

On Saturdays, the lottery draw is different from the actual draw time until Wednesday at 8.30. Thunderball at 8.

You can earn £ 500,000 in Thunderball. Scroll down our live blog below to see all the information you need.

Also – National Lottery seems to have some important information for us. And that's good news! (More cash!)

Important Update from National Lottery

Lotto & # 39; s major cash prizes are almost here with tickets for sale on Sunday, November 18th.

The final lottery of the current Lotto game will take place on Saturday, November 17th, and you must have & # 39; There will be a draw. This means that the bigger jackpot is bigger, the win is guaranteed.

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In the No Winning game, if no one matches the 6 main points, the winners will be shared by the players with the most winning numbers, so you can win bonuses by matching 5 main numbers and the Bonus Ball or just 5 main numbers. .

Lotto's first big cash prize draw will take place on Wednesday, November 21st.

Follow our live broadcast on the lotto draw –

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